10 Day Challenge

10 Day Write Blog Challenge

10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge #10DayWBC

  • This challenge runs for 10 consecutive days, but will remain open to join in, for 5 months (JULY – NOVEMBER 2013).
  • Posts in this series can be found under the tag: #10DayWBC. Feel free to use this as a hashtag also.

Steps to Signup

1. Signup Overall

Whenever you join in, signup on the general Linky List with your blog URL to your blog mainpage. You need to do this one time only.
LinkyTools-Logo-2011_normalPowered by Linky Tools  Click here to enter your link and view this General Linky Tools list…

2. Signup for Individual Day Prompts, Day One to Ten
  1. Each day’s prompt allows you to signup on a Day Linky List with your direct URL to that blog post, for others to be able to read it.
  2. Write and publish your post, then go to the linky list for that day, and enter your link there.
  3. You do not need to post on every day – you can skip a day or two.

The individual linky lists are found on each day’s post, or in the index below.

Daily Challenge Posts Index

* For the Linky Lists, please enter your direct URL to the post written for the Day One prompt.

Blog Buttons / Graphics

If you do participate please grab one of the following blog buttons / graphics to put on your post and/or sidebars. I’ve created them in a range of sizes for you. Link backs are welcomed – please link back to the main menu page (this page) which contains these details and an index to the daily challenges as they are posted up.

The linkback URL for this is:

 10 Day Write Blog Challenge button150  10 Day Write Blog Challenge button200  10 Day Write Blog Challenge button300

Overall Signup Linky List

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Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

57 thoughts on “10 Day Challenge

    1. Yes Krystol, you successfully signed up for the day one prompt. There were to be individual sign ups for each day (in case some people could not do every day).

      But you may want to also sign up to the general linky which is for the challenge overall. You can find it here – http://www.linkytools.com/(S(ad5r4mmahox3vqwpkkg1fjpm))/wordpress_list.aspx?id=204526&type=basic

      Basically I’ve just discovered LinkyTools doesn’t give the lists the individual names I’ve given them to differentiate them (a learning lesson for me) but I want to retain the individual day lists for each prompt so that we can all have a direct link into the posts responding to those prompts, which could be scattered across a few months if anyone signs up later.

      1. Post and sign up on the linky list for each day you do the challenge – that way people have the one list of bloggers who have responded to that prompt, and can go to read.

        But you are also most welcome to comment or like the post here also – liking or tagging is available to other wordpress.com users signed on, but not to others on different platforms like Blogger. But as these are my own prompts I will be visiting all the bloggers who participate as they go.

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  2. I don’t know how I managed to miss this one! Am I able to do this over a two week period, or does it HAVE to be done over ten consecutive days?

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