About this Blog

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 HuntersWritings June2013

 Hunting Down Writing

Yes, this is yet another blog on the topic of writing, yet another blog by a writer talking about writing.

But this blog is slowly growing bigger than a simply personal journey for one person – the blog emphasis is moving to one on productivity and management of a writing career.

Objective of this Blog:

In this blog, writers will share:

  • News, Views, Links to a whole world of writing blogs and posts.
  • Tech and book reviews on writing topics –
  • Personal journeys and discoveries in writing process.
  • Posts on the writing career, in particular how to set goals, motivate ourselves, manage our projects, and form great writing habits.

Guest Posts Welcomed

HuntingDownWriting Guest Post

If you have a topic related to the above objectives of this blog, you will be welcomed as a guest poster.

Please contact the blog admin, Hunter via email or contact form below.

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