Writing Websites I Follow

10 Day Write Blog Challenge Daily6This post is participating in the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge, Day Six.

Today I’m going to do both prompts for the day, as a blogger’s prerogative.

This post will profile writing websites I regularly read and how I read/share them.

Websites for Writers

There are a couple of top lists for writers of websites and blogs which are popular. These are profiled on the Day 6 prompt post for this challenge.  But here are some of my must-reads (cutting down to four was too difficult):

How I Read and share Writing Posts of Others

There are many many more blogs than listed above (I had to draw a line somewhere for this post) including specific genre group blogs, and many more author blogs. All of which I read fresh, via Feedly, predominantly.

Because I have hundreds of blogs to read (not all of them provide new posts every day!) I tend to put Feedly onto small pictures, and go through my categories, browsing for either photos or titles that appeal to me. There’s a good chance I won’t notice some very good blog posts in this way, but then, most of those will be shared via twitter or elsewhere on the stream.

Reading: Most, I read through quickly via the Feedly apps (browser page, or the IOS app). Some I take the link to the websites to read the full items in my browser.

Saving / Reading Later: Some I save for later reading via Pocket (formerly Read It Later) which is read via my browser, or Pocket App on my iPad if I’m out.

Saving Permanently: Full posts I want to reference to permanently go into my Notebooks and database on Evernote, which I can then access from all devices. I am a premium user of Evernote.


  • I share posts I particularly enjoyed via the Twitter or Buffer apps – Feedly allows for Buffer shares. Buffer is a way to schedule for later link shares across Twitter and Facebook.
  • I occasionally remember to bookmark links via my bookmarking service, Bitly, which allows for categories, and public/private links plus gives trends on the links.
  • Images I like are Pinned through to my Pinterest boards. (In the Feedly browser app you can simply Pin straight from the image, but Pinterest isn’t integrated so easily into IOS apps at this point).
  • WordPress.com blogs I follow are slightly different – they can be shared with a reblog as well, via the WordPress Reader and then appear as an excerpt post on my blog.

10 Day Write Blog Challenge button150You can signup to respond to this prompt, or nine more days worth, via the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge. This question can be found on Day Six.

6 thoughts on “Writing Websites I Follow

  1. Nice! Good thing I found this. I’ve been collecting resources for my friends that I’ll add to my other blog. But I haven’t gotten far enough along to apply the knowledge, so I can’t really recommend it all yet. If you don’t mind, I may just can add a link to this one there. Thanks for sharing!

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