I Enjoyed These 10 Day Challenge Top Posts

10 Day Write Blog Challenge Daily10This post is the final participation – for me – of the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge.

The challenge, however, is open until end of November for anybody to join, and I will possibly do this particular prompt again if there is a lot more posts drawing my attention.

Here’s a list of the top five posts (okay, more) which I enjoyed reading over the past ten days, in no order.

Day 5 : Top Blog Posts

In Response to Day 5, Charity posted top blog posts, of which the top three are not about writing. The top is one about an airborne ranger, the second about George Cloony (with pictures!). A note of explanation is added –

My top three are really an illustration of: author platform, you’re doing it wrong.

Yes, with my own Alpaca post, I appear to have that problem, also.

Day 2 : Writing Confessions

I really enjoyed everyone’s writing confessions, but Vikki topped even my own, when she had me nodding and agreeing with just about all her (grammar) ones, but I had to go and look up the definition of another problem, tautology.

Day 4 – Writing Craft Books

I was introduced to many good writing books in the posts for Day 4. It’s funny how every writer out there has their own favourites, and no list contains the same. My nomination for this Day’s posts is Krystol, who, aside from Anne Lamott’s often-listed Bird by Bird, has managed to nominate several other books I’ve never ever heard of before.

Charity at Writing Wrongs, some excellent books were listed, but how could I not have my interest piqued with one book combining brain science and writing. Onto my To-Read list immediately.

Rose Anderson provided a quick post for this, saying she only reads how-to marketing type books like how to do Twitter and the like. She’s not posted since, so get well soon, Rose.

Day 1 : Blogging about Writing or a Pitch

This alternative prompt for day one provided a lot of food for thought (at least, for me, as I answered this one myself). My own post got a little attention on the blogosphere. But Sidney’s post on the topic points out the one basic and gratifying thing I too get out of blogging about writing – it’s a sense of community, of being able to view other writer’s lives.

Allison took the other prompt for the day, and profiled or pitched her Book One premise for a historical fiction series, which sounds intriguing with a main character with low level Aspergers. Lillian’s pitch introduces some Japanese historical fiction.

Day 6 – Hobbies

Charity again, who gets the same buzz from exercise that she does in writing. If only… for me.

Day 8 – Rituals and Routines

Krystol is trying to wean herself off social media, something most of us can probably nod at. Allison has an interest in genealogy, which feeds into her writing.

Day 7 – Techie Tools

I’m thrilled that somebody took up the alternative challenge, and did a techie blog. Charity at Writing Wrongs suggests her tools are pen and paper (with optional cat) but also lists three tools she uses regularly. Thank goodness for Dropbox, I agree.

 And that’s not all, folks.

We are now at the final day of the challenge, but Day 9 and 10 ran over most participant’s weekends, so there will be more entries to browse and gawp over with time. As the challenge will be open until November, bloggers can signup as they please. I’ll keep you posted as I find more posts I find fascinating.

Thankyou to all who shared this journey with me so far.

10 Day Write Blog Challenge button150You can signup to respond to this prompt, or nine more days worth, via the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge. This question can be found on Day Ten

3 thoughts on “I Enjoyed These 10 Day Challenge Top Posts

  1. This was such a great experience! It feels good to actually start something and finish it! We’ve had a good run. Let’s continue to stay in touch and encourage each other from one writer to another.

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