Weekly Report Card – to July 30th

Here’s the second Weekly Report Card.

As I’ll be away for a week or so, this blog will be going on another short break from tomorrow. This time around, I’ve only prepared a couple of simple scheduled posts. I will also not be able to approve comments or respond to communications for a few days. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you to all the participants in the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed catching up with your posts, and meeting and following new bloggers.

Weekly Report 28 July

Life in general – Health, Anxiety and All

The past week has seen me somewhat anxious about an upcoming few days in hospital, fighting some health issues to get fit enough for what’s about to come. Such anxiety, of course, puts a dampener on anything else we do, but the blogging challenge I ran over the last ten days let me concentrate on something more appealing.

The past weekend was spent almost entirely on family sporting life. My daughter had her first district softball tournament all day, and before that there were club softball matches and soccer matches to support. Again, all good ways to keep my mind off other things.

And today, as you read this, I’ve been on a fluids diet, with laxatives (those health professionals are having a laugh!) and huge lots of antibiotics, in preparation for surgery. At 8:30am my stomach was already rumbling and I just wanted to crunch on something, anything. Two more days of no eating. I seriously should be adding that as a major distraction to concentration and any attempts to write.

Creative Work

The main creative work for the week came from the blogfest I ran over the last ten days – see below for this. Being a graphically orientated person, I spent some time on creating buttons, and graphics for each challenge post.

Writing – Blogging and Platform

10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge

10 Day Write Blog ChallengeIt’s been all about the blog this last week. The 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge held here (remaining open until November) had a nice pickup. This added to my platform building – something I hadn’t expected.

I created the challenge on a bit of a whim, knowing that with some major surgery plummeting towards me, I’d need to create something to focus on. The challenge had the personal objective of getting me blogging to the responses – which I did do.

I had under-estimated the amount of administration required of such challenges, a learning lesson for me. The past ten days have seen me hustling to administer, read other blog posts, put up links, and write my own posts also.

It’s been great. I’ve truly enjoyed seeing other writers pick up on some of the prompts and run with them as they please.

Other Writing

I also added a few blog posts as they came to me. Other bigger work – I updated the Thriller Writing Resources post with a lot of new links, books and other resources. The blog post re-posted through my feed (I don’t quite know how that happens) bringing in several new readers and likes on that old post also. On Pinterest, I also pinned many new images relevant to writers and my other interests (superheros anyone?).

And, thank goodness, I’m finally getting an understanding of what I need to do for revising my own draft, and correcting some character flaws. I actually wrote lots of notes! I also worked on some little things for the novel. That felt good too.

Reading the Week(ish)

HuntingDownWriting ReadingLogMy report card includes one lot of reading, which I detail in last Friday’s Reading Log post.

To be fair, there’s been a lot of reading of blog posts involved in the Blogfest running here, so with tired eyes I struggled in reading books and magazines also.

See you in a while.

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