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This is an index to some of my most popular posts of the past, featuring Tools, Apps & Other Tech for Writers. 

You can also find other posts on this subject by searching under the category “Writer’s Tools“.  Note – as most of these are tools, apps and software please understand that the weblinks may at a later date be out of date, or the tech I talk about completely disappears. If this is the case, drop me a line and I will update the post.

26Tech-Logo_thumb.png52tech year#26Tech – the Index post for April 2014’s 26 posts A to Z on writing and creative tech.

#52Tech – the category to find all the weekly posts over 2014 on Tech for Writers.


  • Trello App for Writers
  • Wordcount Challenges – links to several challenges to do with wordcount in the 2013 New Year, and suggests some tools to help out, including Writing Chain Calendars, Write or Die, and iPAD app, WriteChain.
  • Happy Plans for the New Year – shows you one usage of Microsoft OneNote – for containing a goals or plans section.
  • The Writing of a First Draft – a Technology Image Gallery – a multi-paged post showing you screenshots of the tools I use such as –
    • Corkulous (iPAD), Evernote (multi-platforms), Scrivaner (iOS and Windows), Dropbox, SimpleNote, Resophnotes (Windows), Pages and , iAnnotate PDF (iPAD), Index Card (iPAD), , and Power Structure (Windows).
    • Others mentioned – Liquid Story Binder, Writers Blocks (Windows), Manuscript (iPAD), Supernotecard.
  • NaNoWriMo Checklist (2012) – dozens of different websites, software, apps, wordcount widgets, spreadsheets etc listed in this post, many relevant to work outside marathons also.
  • Writing Prompt Apps – concentrating on apps for the iOS and in particular iPAD.
  • Smart Edit – a free Windows program Smart Edit, which runs over RTF files and provides reports on overusage.
  • The Facebook Author’s App – free to setup, the Facebook Author’s App allows you to link to your book listings, offer freebies etc.
  • Second Life for Writers – in which I discuss some of the writing groups, places and opportunities within the virtual metaverse of Second Life.

Additionally –

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