10 Writing Confessions from Me

10 Day Write Blog Challenge Daily2This is my participatory post for the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge, Day Two. I’m going to confess…

  1. The writing studio – which was meant to be renovated as a New Year’s Goal, is still as cluttered as ever. In fact, I’ve had to shift boxes and things around to make room for new items to get into the room. Printers and sewing machines need room!
  2. There are authors who put into the back of their books a paragraph requesting that we provide an Amazon review if we liked the work, but asking us not to, if we didn’t. It’s not that I’ve not liked their book, my silence is normally because it’s still in the to-be-read mountain. I worry they think I don’t like their writing.
  3. In the reader species infographic I shared here recently, I would classify myself as a hoarder with a little abuse on the side (I dog-ear). I’ve paid thousands to have 70 boxes of books shipped across the world, 12,000 miles – twice!
  4. I would like to say I write in my pajamas, or at least a nightie, but I can’t write until I’m dressed appropriately. This is either a hangon from my corporate business-suit days, or based on the fact that my day normally begins with a school run dropoff.
  5. In the rare times I think it necessary to write a sex scene into my work, I inevitably find myself turned on. And even more inevitably, I get embarrassed by the scene, and ultimately delete it. These are some of the few scenes I don’t file away “just in case”.
  6. I’m a geek (not really a confession) but playing with new apps and tools can impact on my actual writing.
  7. I would like to have a lucky charm or mascot which I believe holds some success secret. But I’ve not found one as yet.
  8. coffeeI was very proud of my daughter who showed signs a couple of years ago, of being a very creative and proficient writer. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, the teachings at her school have stripped her of all creativity and passion for writing. And her schedule of homework and other activities means it can’t be fixed.
  9. I am not a huge caffeine addict, although consider this a sign of a writer. I can give or take on making one cup of coffee – instant, no less, in my morning writing session. I love the smell however. If somebody invented coffee-scented air freshener they’d be onto a winner.
  10. I am blocked currently, despite not believing in it.

10 Day Write Blog Challenge button150You can signup to respond to this prompt, or nine more days worth, via the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge. This question can be found on Day Two.

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