Tools & Resources

As a writer, creative, techie blogger, I consider the SYSTEMS, TOOLS and the RESOURCES that help me through my day important to my efficiency. Here, I detail the products, tech, books, courses, services, and people I love; and will update as time goes by…

Some of these are affiliate links, but won’t cost you anything if you take a peek, and you’ll be helping me out if you do click on them. Others are simply recommendations.

Writing Tech


  • Laptop – I use whatever is still working (currently an Asus on Windows 7). I go through new laptops every couple of years, back up to a Terabyte EHD and Cloud storage. Cheap inkjet printer, and a laser one for drafts also.
  • iPad Air – on-the-go writing, outlining, photography, note-taking, and sometimes – self editing.
  • iPhone – any smart phone can take audio notes of ideas on-the-go.

Software and Apps

Note – as a techie, and somebody who writes a lot of posts on this subject, my software of choice is broadrange, and favourites change over time.

  • Writing Editor and Project ManagementScrivener for Windows
  • Writing on iPAD with Markdown support – Drafts
  • Note-taking and Research / Inspiration Files – Evernote. (great for cross-platform accessibility and web clippings)
  • Outlining and Planning – Brainstorming, Mindmapping, Rich Media formationsScapple (on Windows) and MagicalPad HD (iPAD)
  • Outlining and Planning – Index CardingIndex Card (for iPAD) and Writers Blocks 4 (Windows) but Scrivener’s Cards often suffice.
  • Ebook Publishing – Scrivener and sometimes MS Word to Jutoh or Calibre
  • Blogging – I’m writing this inside the online editor, but often draft posts on Windows Live Writer, or through iPAD app, Blogsy.
  • Graphics Work – I create digitally using Corel PaintShop Pro, but also have older versions of Photoshop and other graphics editors.

Website and Hosting

  • This blog is hosted on‘s free blogging system, although is upgraded to premium level. Currently it’s using a customised version of a free WordPress theme – Twenty Fourteen, but I change templates often.
  • Individual websites such as my upcoming Hunter Emkay site use platform for blogging, and premium themes and plugins for WordPress.
  • Social Media Management – this site has a number of free plugins posting to various social media sites. For self-hosted sites I use a number of general plugins for social media and SEO, typically the most popular.  For individual social media scheduled posts, I like Buffer, but also use Hootsuite.

Productivity, Organisation and Everyday Life

  • Google Apps – I don’t use Google Drive very often, but do operate daily via Google Mail accounts, and Google Calendars.
  • Sharing Files – I use Dropbox for cloud storage, sharing and delivering files across my platforms.
  • Reading – I generally purchase ebooks via Kindle, so use the Kindle App. Sometimes I also use the iBooks app, and for PDFs and other docs to read on my iPAD, I use GoodReader.
  • Task Management – I subscribe to Todoist, which has apps for iPAD, Windows, a gmail plugin.
  • Reminders – I use Evernote to setup reminders which appear in Sunrise, a great free iPAD or mobile calendar app which also integrates with google calendars.

Books I Recommend

Find them here.

Good Websites and Communities for Writers

Websites here

Communities and Writing Challenges here.




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