10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge

Introducing my 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge – for writers who blog.

You are welcome to join in and participate either starting tomorrow (Saturday 20th July) or can join in over the next five months as you please. Details below.

10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge

Details, blog buttons, and an index of prompts will be available at this static page.

  • 10 Day Write Blog Challenge button300This challenge will run for 10 consecutive days, but will remain open to join in, for the next 5 months. I will be providing the daily prompts starting Saturday 20th July, but each daily post will have a linky signup list, open until the end of November.
  • Each day will have a different blogging prompt for writers. Because I’m wicked and often bored with the same prompts, I’m also providing an alternative prompt for each day – some may be controversial, but it’s up to you.
    • I will be participating in these prompts, of course – that’s the whole point in blogging. My Daily challenge posts will be posted up at the start of the day (always available from the index found here), and my response to the prompts will be posted later in the day and separately.
  • You will find the linky signup at the bottom of individual daily challenge posts. An overall signup linky list is found below also. Please feel free to share the linky sheet on your own blogs (for those that can add javascript into their posts). WordPress free blogs (like this one) can only link to the list sitting on LinkyTools.com.
  • Posts in this series can be found under the tag: #10DayWBC. Feel free to use this as a hashtag also.

Blog Buttons / Graphics

If you do participate please grab one of the blog buttons / graphics to put on your post and/or sidebars. I’ve created them in a range of sizes for you. They are available on the main challenge page here.

Link backs are welcomed – please link back to the main challenge page which will contain these details and an index to the daily challenges as they are posted up.

Overall Signup Linky List

LinkyTools-Logo-2011_normalPowered by Linky Tools

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

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