Index Post–Character Archetypes A to Z

And so the end of the Character Archetypes A to Z has arrived. This is the final index to the posts. I hope these were helpful for some.

These posts were published from March through August 2016 on the Word Hunter blog. Find them under the series under tag: character archetypes a to z.

Introduction and What’s an Archetype? [Reference Post]
Archetypes, Character Archetypes, Shadow Archetypes, Types of…
A is for Alter-Ego

Shadow Archetype

B is for Brat

Teen Archetype

C is for Catalyst

The Magician

D is for Dolphin (and other animal archetypes)
E is for Explorer
F is for Fallen (and other) Mentors

Mentors galore

G is for Gemini (and other astrology archetypes)

I is for the Initiates
J is for Judge
K is for Kuuderes (and all the other Deres)


L is for Lover
M is for Minions, Medleys & Minor Characters

Looking for Mentors? Look under F.

N is for Nerd
O is for Ordinary Guy and Orphan
P is for Prophet (Oracle and Wise Man)
Q is for Questioner
R is for Royal or Ruler
S is for Sidekick
T is for Traitor (and the Shapeshifter)
U is for Ubermensch (the Superhuman)
V is for Villain (28 Villain Types)
W is for Writer (9 Writer Types)
X is for Type X (A Study of 4’s) –

  • X, A, B & C Types
  • Japanese Blood Types
  • 4 Humours / Temperaments
Y is for Young Man from the Provinces


Z is for Zoologist (Animal Lover)

The Animal Lover and Animal Symbolism in Story
Also see – D is for Dolphin

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