Ode to a Writing Companion

It is the Winter school holidays in these parts. My family spent a lovely and well-needed family holiday in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. But I returned with some bad news and an extra bad cold, so it will take a little time to recover.

Update: The Character Archetypes series will have a little rest for a couple of weeks while I catch up and get back into the stream of writing.

But really, this is just a note and ode to my lost writing companion, Rocky.

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#52Tech Week 45 Tracking Words for NaNo–WriteTrack and Others

We are now one week into NaNoWriMo, but even writers who aren’t participating in a writing marathon need to track their progress. For both sets, here are a couple of tools which offer wordcount progress tracking with some customisation features to fit into your own writing time plans.

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#52Tech Week 33–Outline Lists with Workflowy

For week 33 of the #52Tech series, Workflowy is highlighted.

Firstoff – I’m not a huge fan of Workflowy anymore. Some other reviewers have loved it, others hated it. Workflowy – or any outliner – is a bit like vegemite in that respect – you either love it or hate it, there appears no middle-ground.

If you don’t get on with the Workflowy format, in Week 34 I’ll be profiling some alternatives.

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Productivity Fortnight+1– Writing Productively

In the past three weeks, this website has published 15 different posts on the subject of productivity. Although many of those posts have included relevant links and tips for writers, sometimes a whole heap of different techniques and tips just gets lost in the noise.

Today here’s a very brief recommendation for minimal impact, on how a writer might process some of these tools into their own writing routines, and benefit for it. For newer writers of larger projects like a novel, non-fiction ebook, or series of blog posts (like this one).

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