Writing Personality?

Just for fun. Before starting my writing day this morning, I was doing some organising through some Pinterest boards, and came across this graphic.

I find using the Myers-Briggs personality profiles helpful in new character development, and this graphic (which can be traced back by several years) appears to be based on this, but the originator and any explanation has since disappeared from the web.

Like most writers, I'm sure that what form of dialogue or story motion is dependent on the individual story being told, but also that most writers do have a tendacy to form stories with the same emphasis on certain elements. But I'm also not sure there are only four elements in question, nor whether there's an “or” statement between each. And what forms make up our newer genres?

Fun to consider, though.


7 Masterplots or More… [Resources]

A few days ago I published “7 Point Structure” in response to an email question. But, over the time in writing and publishing I had returned to my email questioner to ask exactly what was meant – when she talked about 7 Plots, did she mean “7 Plot-points” or did she mean “7 plots as in Master-plots”? The response back was identical to the initial question – she meant 7 Plots. Which wasn’t ideally helpful.

But such is writing – just about everything we talk about has one or two different names for the elements of a story, and sometimes we can’t be clear on what it is exactly that we may be looking for. So here are the 7 Master (or Basic or Universal) Plots.

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The Heroine’s Journey Narrative Structure


I’ve recently finished a wonderful online course teaching one method for structuring a heroine’s journey. The problem with female characters – and male characters who are following an internal transition arc – is that I find they often don’t fit well in the typical Hero’s Journey. But there’s a secondary issue here – a heroine’s journey isn’t as clear-cut as I perhaps wanted it to be.

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