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My old self-named author site is being shut down – I find this website ample for the now. In the process, and in preparation for next month’s NaNoWriMo, I’ve created a Free Resources page holding some free PDFs from previous post series, my own infographics, and of importance, the refound NaNoWriMo Checklist document.

You will find the Free Resources page from the top menu.

In the process I discovered that several posts from a few years back have somehow just gone missing off the blog here. If the resource page has some dead links, or errors, please leave me a comment and I will amend.

Applying Psychology to Character Development [Resources]

Last month my family underwent a traumatic incident in real life which still sits with us to this day. For several weeks I found myself unable to lift a keyboard to continue on my writing tasks. In fact, I could barely operate at any kind of level. I was aware of this, annoyed by this, but also aware that trauma and grief on any level needs to be worked through and given time. Sometimes the world does have to stop.

Now that I’m back into a little writing, and have returned to work on characterisation efforts, I have some resources to share. Understanding a little applied psychology for any character development is always helpful, and thankfully we have some good resources out there.

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Getting Stuck in NaNoWriMo? Here’s some resource links

E4W Unstuck Exercises NaNo

Over on my tumblr blog I just put up a post linking to resources I’m collating as NaNoWriMo helper posts – these come in two categories – the #NaNoPrep posts of October (which I’m still discovering); and the current #NaNoPeptalk posts being published.

I am taking any of these as I find them and reblogging or linking to them every day over November. To save you the time, here are the direct links to the tag searches, which will give you an index page of all these posts. You may find them useful for times when you get stuck.

#nanoprep (previous posts from October)

#nanopeptalk (current and growing index of posts to help through November)

#IndieLife Post: Self-Studying to Improve

Self Study Mascot 600

The Indie Life is one that embraces the internet, and therefore not one enforced through certain locations.

We’ve had web-based courses and even degrees available online for many years now, and at various price-points, and these continue to break down any barriers we may have to improve upon our craft. If we’re indie publishing, then it’s just as easy now to Indie Learn, and to put together our own writing craft MFA or MBA or whatever else you want to name it.

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K is for Knockout Novel and Writer’s Knowledge Base

I interrupt this posting schedule for a bonus post on James Scott Bell’s newest endeavour – Knockout Novel. This is a training program that sits in the free Hiveword online novel organiser website. Hiveword also contains the Writer’s Knowledge Base, both are free, but if you want JSB’s Knockout Novel, this is paid for as a one-off $49.

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#ROW80 Checkin – Yep

row80Yep, doing okay. My goals of revising Blue Popcorn, my work from NaNoWriMo last year are being tasked out. I can’t say that I’m doing that work five days a week, there remain many distractions – the most prevalent being the 46 degree heat we went through on Friday here in Sydney. You can’t think, let alone work in that.

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Thriller Writing Resources

The following list has been put together in respect to the new writers I am doing a thriller writing course with via the Sydney Writer’s Centre. Many of the participants are new to the genre, and equally new to writing fiction.

I also use many more resources, but these are a very good basic pack of books, websites, blogs and information for starting off writing the thriller, doing the research necessary and structuring the mystery, suspense, thriller or crime fiction novel.

Links from this post (not the books) can all be found shared on the Thriller Writers Resources bundle on my account at bitly.

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