#IWSG and #IndieLife Post: Writers Supporting Writers – Thankyou Cate

Visual Resume 2014

Today (Wednesday for me) is the first of the monthly challenge post dates for both the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (which has been moved on a week from the normal Wednesday) and the IndieLife challenge.

I would like to briefly talk about how writers are supportive of other writers, and one great example – that of Cate Russell-Cole.

Cate’s been a regular commenter and supporter here at my own blog, and recently she pulled an old post of mine and made it fresh. She sent lots of people over here via her reblogging of a post – Things learnt about creating a graphic Author Bio (that’s her reblog post, so will take you exactly to where I want you to go – to HER Blog). Here’s the original post of mine, where I discuss my own graphic bio or visual resume creation and lessons learnt.

visual-resume-2014 CRCBut Cate went further than reblogging my post, she also Tweeted and Google plused (plussed? plust? wth) my post and linked to my profile name. Altogether expecting a very quiet January for myself, I’ve welcomed many new writer followers to my blog thanks to Cate’s masterful usage of social media and what she did with her own visual resume – which you can view in full on her blog and all her social media profiles.

I consider Cate a virtual friend because of her presence around this blog, and stay attuned to her own examples and blog posts. She’s way above me in the league of using social media for platform building and is a very good mentor for myself. I learn something from her every time I go and read her blog posts.

Sometimes it’s hard to find “friends” or people you feel you can relate to easily, even on the web. As a shy introvert I tend to even find social media quite draining of my time and energy levels, and I make a bad participator in many forums and courses because of that. I sometimes envy the ease that other writers appear to have in finding writing buddies and lifelong friends over the internet. Mine can be counted (for me, anyway) on the fingers of one hand, perhaps two, and a couple of toes.

But writers generally support other writers. This is particularly needed for new writers, and for those considering an Indie option for publishing.

And this one is from me. Go to Cate’s blog, take a look at her books for writers – she also has some excellent resources on memoir and for writers in general.

Incidentally, thanks to Cate’s re-finding my older blog post, I’ve taken the time to update my visual resume for 2014. You’ll find mine on my About Hunter page.

iwsgIndieLifeThis blog post participated in the first monthly posts for both the Insecure Writer’s Support Group and IndieLife. Go to either to find some other writers bloggging about writing.

7 thoughts on “#IWSG and #IndieLife Post: Writers Supporting Writers – Thankyou Cate

  1. Cate sounds like a great bloggy friend to have!

    I am also an introvert, but I seem to have quite a few friends even despite my desperate need to be alone a lot of the time 😛

  2. Hunter, thank you so much. I spent part of this morning reading Kristen Lamb’s posts on bullying (which made me want to shrink back online even further than I do now) and then I have just read yours and am deeply touched. It means a lot to me. I am trying to build a community of people who will support each other, not cut each other down. As I get bigger I can’t individually thank everyone, which pains me, and often I wonder if I am doing it right.

    Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration! I love your blog. You have great ideas, resources which I like to share and I appreciate you.

    1. Hi Luanne.

      In response, I was quickly going to say “No, not really – it’s up to your own graphic prowess. Then I realised that some of it could be instructed on, as I ended up using some common software and not something like Photoshop. So, I’ll post them shortly, including a template if anybody wants to play around.

  3. An amazing site yiu have here. I’m sorry I haven’t stumbled across it before. Thanks for sharing how helpful Cate was to you, and seeing you return the favour. It’s encouraging as I’m juts getting to grips with using social media too and finding it hard to make virtual friends.

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