Character Archetypes – From Archetype to Character

Some timely news to tag onto the full 26 post series describing some character archetypes: There is now a brand new workshop on turning archetypes into full characters. And it’s on special if you get in quick.

This is not an affiliate blurb. The link below is not affiliated. But I am a huge fan and taker of Lynn Johnston‘s writing courses, and she’s today announced a new one.

Now, a couple of caveats. I’m a pretty visually-orientated learner myself, and Lynn teaches via live tele-seminars. Due to timing, but mainly because I just don’t get on sitting and listening to a teacher without many visuals, I tend to not attend the live session myself. Instead, I download all the playbacks and occasionally listen to them. But it’s from the PDF, slides and worksheets (which aren’t hugely visual themselves) that I pick up my own learning from Lynn’s work. These are available afterwards and are useful into the future.

So, in the preceeding blog posts I published, I nominated over 26 different types of archetypes, many are not of the traditional sort also. I also, in the Introduction to the series, spoke a little around what an archetype is, from a historical and world-storytelling viewpoint.

What I didn’t – and couldn’t – do, was tell you how to use them.

As Lynn points out, no-one does. Although she personally went looking for the answer of how to use an archetype to build character, she came up wanting. So she created the teaching herself.

In From Archetype to Character, you’ll learn:

  • What character archetypes really are (and how understanding this makes plotting easier)
  • The most powerful way to create an archetypal character’s backstory (and the #1 pitfall to avoid when it comes to backstory)
  • The biggest mistake writers make when choosing an archetypal character’s motivation
  • How to take advantage of an archetype’s built-in emotional resonance and cohesion to make your story more compelling
  • The two facets of psyche that you must develop if you want your archetypal character to feel real (and techniques that make it easy to develop them)

In this live training, you’ll watch Lynn take an archetype and turn it into a three-dimensional character right before your eyes, step-by-step. Also, the same techniques you’d use to develop an archetype can also be used to fix cliché characters and generic characters.

To read more and register, go here. If you register before the live training on 22nd September, it’s only US$17.

I’ve taken a lot of Lynn’s courses in the past, and they are high up there regarding different and workable content for fiction writers. As I mentioned, I’m not an affiliate – although there are a few emails buzzing around from affiliates today introducing the Archetypes workshop – so the links here are simply Lynn’s own.



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