Thriller Writing Resources

The following list has been put together in respect to the new writers I am doing a thriller writing course with via the Sydney Writer’s Centre. Many of the participants are new to the genre, and equally new to writing fiction.

I also use many more resources, but these are a very good basic pack of books, websites, blogs and information for starting off writing the thriller, doing the research necessary and structuring the mystery, suspense, thriller or crime fiction novel.

Links from this post (not the books) can all be found shared on the Thriller Writers Resources bundle on my account at bitly.

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Friday Link Love for Writers

I return for this [very] intermittent series of shares. I'm still busy revising my novel and like many first time authors, underestimated the amount of revision and editing needed to get the book ready by oh – 1000 million percent. To keep me sane, I sometimes allow myself to read something else. Here's what I actually enjoyed:

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