How to Speed Read with Focus

How to speed read – monster finger optional.

I've been trying to make the most of this season over the past couple of weeks. Large blocks of time for sitting down to write are out, due to my daughter being home on her summer school holidays and the rush of the season, getting ready for Christmas, all that.

But these hot summer days down under have some bonuses – I have time for some luxurious reading. Part of this silly season is also about goals and tasks or resolutions, of course.

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Weekly Report Card – to July 30th

Here’s the second Weekly Report Card.

As I’ll be away for a week or so, this blog will be going on another short break from tomorrow. This time around, I’ve only prepared a couple of simple scheduled posts. I will also not be able to approve comments or respond to communications for a few days. Thanks for your patience.

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Care for some Writing Goals Support? ROW80, Ready Set Write! and Ninja Teams

Goal SettingFor most writers I know, it’s summer time. Yay you! Spare a thought for us down-under writers who may be shivering inside and outside. But no matter the hemisphere, most of us share the next few months with some school holidays to manoeuvre through, if parents, and some definite intentions to make the most of the months and get some writing done.

If you’re looking for some community motivation and cheering on, there are a couple of options in blogfests to join.

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#ROW80 What I Did Last Weekend – a Review of some Online Writer’s Conferences

Should be : What I Did Last Summer, because technically it is still officially summer here in Australia. But last weekend, we certainly didn’t know it. Torrential rain, all weekend. All the Saturday sports and many other events were rained off, and many people up north have had some severe flooding – again.

For me, the rain was a good thing (apart from the leeches). At least for some of my writing life.

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2013 Writer’s Year Planner

writers year plannerWriting World has another edition of the free yearly planner for writers. The 2013 Writer’s Planner is available as a free to download PDF or excel spreadsheet. There is a new edition with days broken into half hour sessions, or the classic edition has quarter hour sessions. A print version is available via lulu. There is also a submission tracker in PDF and Excel format, available to download also.

Use it to plan your schedule, organize your tasks, record your achievements, track your goals and progress, and keep track of important deadlines. Each week opens with a place to list your priorities and upcoming deadlines, and ends with an inspirational quote about writing. Each day, there’s space to make note of your achievements, tasks completed, and progress.

My Goals Infographic @piktochart #ROW80

In the previous post, Laura Orsini’s infographic on writing goals gave me an idea. Being a visual person I love infographics – good ones with charts and things. So why not create one for myself?

Update – After the first ROW80 challenge of the year also pointed out I could list my goals, I decided to double up and point out this post to my fellow ROw80 participants.

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#ROW80 Checkin – Down Under but not Out

View across to Auckland City from the top of Mt Victoria
View across to Auckland City from the top of Mt Victoria

It’s been quiet on here lately, for a reason. I’ve just returned from a trip back to New Zealand with my daughter. This was my first return to my home country for 14 years, and my daughter’s first trip to a country that is partially her birth right. We stayed with an old friend in her new country estate north of Auckland.

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