NaNoWriMo Storybundle


Storybundle has 25 writing craft books available for $30 in honour of NaNo this year. These come in downloadable ebook formats, in two tiers. Pay the full or more price, and you get all 25. If you're like me and already have the second tier – available last year – just pay a little less to get the 2015 tier of books.

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#IndieLife Post: Self-Studying to Improve

Self Study Mascot 600

The Indie Life is one that embraces the internet, and therefore not one enforced through certain locations.

We’ve had web-based courses and even degrees available online for many years now, and at various price-points, and these continue to break down any barriers we may have to improve upon our craft. If we’re indie publishing, then it’s just as easy now to Indie Learn, and to put together our own writing craft MFA or MBA or whatever else you want to name it.

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Book Notes: Learning from Books


A little while ago I took the most-often taken road of a writer – I decided to no longer review books. This is something quite difficult NOT to do. Writers, are by nature, readers firstly – most of us got into writing after a lifetime reading habit.

Once we accept and start working on writing as our domain, our career, we also strike the contrariness of reading as a writer, and no longer for pleasure.

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