Character Archetypes – From Archetype to Character

Some timely news to tag onto the full 26 post series describing some character archetypes: There is now a brand new workshop on turning archetypes into full characters. And it’s on special if you get in quick.

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3 Days, 3 Free Mini Writing Workshops

When I was a learner writer (as if we ever stop being that?!) I found a lot of help through Holly Lisle’s online writing workshops.

Her large (7 month) basics class, How to Think Sideways is relaunching for a very brief time again at the moment, and to celebrate (and draw you in) there are 3 mini workshops starting today. These are completely free to take, all you need is to signup to an email system.

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Ignition Blueprint–Gift Yourself


This is not an affiliate blast, I am not an affiliate. But I think a few of you, as writers, might like to gift yourself with a very cheap course on writing for the content marketing / kindle ebook markets.

Ignition Blueprint is available for the next 2 days only for $90 off the normal price. It may be cheap in price currently, but is not cheap in applicable content.

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Duolit Courses: Facebook, Mailing Lists and Blog Tours

Going live today are three very worthwhile workshops for writer/authors (and for creative artists too, I must add). The Duolit team – Shannon and Toni, have been working on three weekend workshops, with beta responses from a group of people signed up as Weekend Warriors – of which, I am one. So, I got access to all three courses over April, and can tell you that I learnt from every single one.

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