One More Memoir Challenge, and the Mini Memoir Trend


A little time ago I profiled a couple of writing memoir challenges or communities kicking off. You can read about and find the links in Writing About You! Memoir or Book of Me Journaling.

Now let me introduce you to another kicking off in October as a blogfest. And a possible publishing trend you could push into, if the results of all these challenges look good.

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Writing about You! Memoir or Book of Me Journaling

As a fiction writer my head is often away with the fae (or murderous criminals, in my case). But a recent hop into hospital found me looking tentatively at a worse-case scenario – what if I didn’t wake up? How would my ten year old daughter know about her mother when she needed it?

Such thoughts used to be better defined. But somehow the whole legacy thing, a constant motivation for the scrapbooking craft, remained unattached to my true love of writing. My huge albums of family photographs with explanatory titles and text have always been seen as my legacy for the family. But those don’t include my own childhood, or even some memories best not dwelled on.

How ironic, for a writer. Time to fix that gap in my writing. That gap…of me.

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Insecure Writing – On a Trip

As you read this, I’m not here right now. There’s a good chance I’ll be sitting around a tropical pool, enjoying some Southern Hemisphere winter sunshine, and catching up on some reading from my mountainous ToReads.

There’s an even better chance I’ll be sitting around a tropical pool, enjoying some Southern Hemisphere winter sunshine, and fretting over the fact I’ve hit a bump in my writing, and am feeling lost and guilty and fearful that I’m a pretty rubbish writer really.

Should I take my writing on holiday with me? Will a change of scenery for me, as a writer, help to kick the missing mojo back in? Or should writing have a holiday too?

Is that even possible?

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#ROW80 checkin with #NaNoEdMo

ROW80LogoSmWhere has the week gone? For me, it’s gone with a struggle. Last week I was flying high. This last week of goal attainments – not so much.

I joined (a little late) NaNoEdMo this week. March is National Novel Editing Month, for all those who wrote 50K of awful words in a draft for last November’s NaNoWriMo writing marathon.

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#ROW80 Checkin – January was Cancelled?

row80Misleading blog title above. For me, despite the heat and it still being school holidays over here, I’ve been getting along reasonably well on my goals for revising my work in progress.

However, I just get that feeling that I’m one of the few, that January isn’t really launch back to work / goals month for many – they’re perhaps saving it for February (along with joining that gym).

And sometimes I think starting in February would be the easiest way to go for me too. I’m hoping my fellow ROW80 participants this month are having some success at getting stuck into their writing goals also.

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NaNoWriMo Complete

I finished the final extra scenes this morning, and on this stormy hot Tuesday morning, decided to be done with it, and posted up my full wordcount to have the NaNoWriMo win confirmed.

Here’s my badge, and I would show you me holding the certificate up, but the printer has now decided to not work for me.

The official wordcount for first draft is 57216 from NaNo’s side – slightly more on my wordcount. I have copious notes on revisions needed, so will muck around with the draft for another few days until setting it aside to fester (blossom) in a drawer for a few weeks over December.

Done. I will celebrate with lunch.  Unfortunately as I’m currently on antibiotics I can’t imbide of a celebratry tipple, but there’s nothing stopping me finishing off the M&M’s I have here.

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