#52Tech #E4W | Week 18–Mohiomap your Evernote

This is week 18’s post for the #52Tech series. Today I look briefly at a free webservice which lets us look at our Evernote files in a visual mind-map type environment.

This post also doubles up as an #E4W or #Evernote4Writers post.

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#52Tech A-Z | Drafts for iPAD

The D post for #26Tech A-Z Challenge profiles my favourite writing app on the iPAD – Drafts. Due to timing, this post is also Week 14 for the year-long #52Tech series.

Drafts includes Markdown support, and copious export abilities and social media integration for any notes created.

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#52Tech | Week 11: ThingLink – Beef up your Visual Resumes and Marketing

ThingLink is an online app which allows you to create hotlinks embedded into images you upload. You can then share those images to social media, or embed into your website.

Perfect for beefing up your visual banners, images, resumes and marketing materials.

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#52Tech | Week 8: Don’t Break the Chain

Don’t Break the Chain – for those in the dark, is a productivity tip originated by Jerry Seinfeld. The concept sits around a basic cross-off calendar or chart. For any habit or task you want to set in concrete, and do daily, you create a calendar and each time you “do that act” you put a big fat cross onto the date. The idea is to not break the chain of checkmarks.

Over the years many people have offered Don’t Break the Chain calendars, websites and now apps. Here’s some of the best.

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