Dear Dan Blank – I am [Trying to Be] Awesome


How to Create Word of Mouth Marketing For Your Books? Be Awesome. Dan Blank’s latest post at We Grow Media tells me that word of mouth marketing is not about growing more followers, or sending out dozens of tweets, or…

It’s simply about looking after the readers we have, by being awesome.  This seems easy enough, because it’s something we all enjoy doing.

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Just let me Read *Not* Like a Writer for once!

10 Day Write Blog Challenge Daily8This post is participating in the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge, Day Eight.

The alternative prompt for this challenge asks us to Pay it Forward, and profile another writer’s blog post with our response. Today I’m profiling Gabriela Pereira’s excellent site, DIYMFA, but ranting against the whole Reading Like a Writing message found on a must-bookmark post.

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6 Steps to Write. Life. Blend.

We’ve all heard the phrase – “Work Life Balance” – in fact, I’m pretty sure my partner’s corporation still contains that phrase as an organisational motto. But maybe the balance part of this term needs changing – to blend.

The same concept is possible with writing, which is, of course, work – and hard brain-numbing work at that. It can be applied to anything we have passion for.

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