Tech for Writers: Writing with Jeopardy or Kittens

Most writers I know have been aware of the perilous Write or Die app for several years, but there are a few new options if writing with jeopardy is something which tools up your writing productivity.

Note – this is not how I can write. I need to pause and think a lot, so having my words disappear on me doesn't work. But Write or Die's newest edition caters for writers like me also.

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Writing Fast with Markdown

Several years ago I learned about Markdown, a way of writing text which could allow for formatting without writing html. My reluctance to learn yet more special little codes came because I believe (still) there are many excellent apps and systems for writing that let us write and format our text with ease.

But then last week I tried Markdown, primarily for blogging, and realised that it was quick. Really quite quick. So here’s a look at writing with Markdown.

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Trello App–Great for Writers

As somebody who is big into productivity, I have a dark not-so-secret in not getting along very well with to-do lists. Lists, right? The mainstay of productivity and task management.

Recently I discovered a project management app called Trello, that fills the spot for me. Let me run you through it. Oh, and it’s FREE!

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Writer’s Tools – SmartEdit

In certain countries if somebody calls you “a tool” it’s not a compliment. The Urban Dictionary suggests being “a bit of a tool” can be emphasised with the term “tool belt” standing for somebody who is a bit stupid, or a liability.

Aussies and kiwis tend to use a similar “What a dick head!” but that’s another story, and normally doesn’t go down well in particular parts of America where Richards don’t actually mind having their names abbreviated to Dick (In the U.K. you’d be hard-pressed to find an actual Dick).

Ah, but I’ve digressed before I’ve even started.

Anyway, in this intermittent when-I-feel -like -it series, I’ll be discussing some writing tools – and no, unlike many, I won’t be hyping up Scrivener. Not yet, anyway.  My first is free, and an editing tool.

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