Tech for Writers: Writing with Jeopardy or Kittens

Most writers I know have been aware of the perilous Write or Die app for several years, but there are a few new options if writing with jeopardy is something which tools up your writing productivity.

Note – this is not how I can write. I need to pause and think a lot, so having my words disappear on me doesn't work. But Write or Die's newest edition caters for writers like me also.

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Writing Fast with Markdown

Several years ago I learned about Markdown, a way of writing text which could allow for formatting without writing html. My reluctance to learn yet more special little codes came because I believe (still) there are many excellent apps and systems for writing that let us write and format our text with ease.

But then last week I tried Markdown, primarily for blogging, and realised that it was quick. Really quite quick. So here’s a look at writing with Markdown.

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Organizing Holiday Shopping with Evernote (and Cloud Outliner App)

Evernote Gift List

I have a two-pronged approach for my holiday shopping this year. Using Evernote as a basic tool, I am both managing my own family gift purchases, and have a method for sharing what I may like Santa to consider for me, if he deems I've been a good girl.

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Ready for November and some Coffee Tips?

Coffee Tips

One day to go to the writing world’s marathon month. Readers of this blog may have noticed that there have been slightly less blog posts around lately. Expect even less during November, but I’ll make it up to you later, and over the month, with a new Coffee Tip newsletter.

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Two Tech Tips for One : Tweets in WordPress and a NaNo Spreadsheet

NanoAbby and TweetEmbed

Hmmm, I felt the week could do with a really long blog post title. What do you think?

Anyway, here’s a Tweet, sharing Abby Annises’ gift of a fab spreadsheet wordtracker you can download if you are doing NaNoWriMo this year (on Friday, yikes!).

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Top Ten Power User Hacks for Writers Using Evernote

Top10 Power User Hacks

If you want access to this free 4-page of Top Ten Hacks for Writers using Evernote, simply sign up for the Tech for Writers newsletter. This PDF contains ten top tips, instructions and screenshots of some of the best features for writers using the free Evernote cloud-based note taking apps.

The next edition, due out mid-week will contain this free content, plus a bonus NaNoWriMo checklist.

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Evernote Gives Post-It Notes a 2nd Life

Want to learn how to use Evernote’s new Post-It notes camera (for iOS users)? Readers of the new Tech for Writers newsletter got a free walk-through guide to this. Simply signup here, and I’ll send the latest newsletter out to you.

Oh, the first edition also has a bit about Scrivener and NaNoWriMo.

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