#ROW80 Saying “Enough!”

It’s the last checkin post for Round 1 of ROW80 this year. I’ve been missing in action for a little over a week now, struggling against the business of life, some health issues, and my feelings about certain domestic issues. I’ve cowered away from posting up any real posts, answering emails, all that sort of thing.

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#ROW80 checkin with #NaNoEdMo

ROW80LogoSmWhere has the week gone? For me, it’s gone with a struggle. Last week I was flying high. This last week of goal attainments – not so much.

I joined (a little late) NaNoEdMo this week. March is National Novel Editing Month, for all those who wrote 50K of awful words in a draft for last November’s NaNoWriMo writing marathon.

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#ROW80 What I Did Last Weekend – a Review of some Online Writer’s Conferences

Should be : What I Did Last Summer, because technically it is still officially summer here in Australia. But last weekend, we certainly didn’t know it. Torrential rain, all weekend. All the Saturday sports and many other events were rained off, and many people up north have had some severe flooding – again.

For me, the rain was a good thing (apart from the leeches). At least for some of my writing life.

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#ROW80 Checkin – Yep

row80Yep, doing okay. My goals of revising Blue Popcorn, my work from NaNoWriMo last year are being tasked out. I can’t say that I’m doing that work five days a week, there remain many distractions – the most prevalent being the 46 degree heat we went through on Friday here in Sydney. You can’t think, let alone work in that.

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#ROW80 Checkin – January was Cancelled?

row80Misleading blog title above. For me, despite the heat and it still being school holidays over here, I’ve been getting along reasonably well on my goals for revising my work in progress.

However, I just get that feeling that I’m one of the few, that January isn’t really launch back to work / goals month for many – they’re perhaps saving it for February (along with joining that gym).

And sometimes I think starting in February would be the easiest way to go for me too. I’m hoping my fellow ROW80 participants this month are having some success at getting stuck into their writing goals also.

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#ROW80 Checkin – Down Under but not Out

View across to Auckland City from the top of Mt Victoria
View across to Auckland City from the top of Mt Victoria

It’s been quiet on here lately, for a reason. I’ve just returned from a trip back to New Zealand with my daughter. This was my first return to my home country for 14 years, and my daughter’s first trip to a country that is partially her birth right. We stayed with an old friend in her new country estate north of Auckland.

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