Character Archetypes– P for Prophet (Oracle & Wise Old Man)

The Prophet as character archetype has a substantial history as one of our expected religious or mythological personas, but also has close associations with our more modern archetypes of the visionary or catalyst (detailed in the C entry for this series).

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Character Archetypes – O for Ordinary Man or Orphan

The Ordinary or Everyman (person) sometimes called the Orphan is one of Jung’s 12 basic archetypes, and although sounds, well, ordinary, the archetype holds many useful connotations and universal stories which appeal to many readers.

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Character Archetypes – K for Kuudere (and the other ‘Deres’)

The Kuudere, Tsundere, Dandere and Yandere are archetypes from Japanese anime. They are relevant to female young characters as love interests in particular, but Western fiction also has many archetypes which are comparable.

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Character Archetypes – J for Judge [Redo]

The original post, published on 6th May for the Judge archetype went missing. I have no record of it, so this post simply summarises what I believe I may have written in the original. Published 30th May, I will backdate this back to the 6th to help searchers.

Appearing quite simple, the Judge archetype has quite a bit of power behind it, and can play character roles in your story which can be extremely positive, extremely negative, or extremely conflictive.

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