Character Archetypes – From Archetype to Character

Some timely news to tag onto the full 26 post series describing some character archetypes: There is now a brand new workshop on turning archetypes into full characters. And it’s on special if you get in quick.

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Character Archetypes – Z for Zoologist

Okay, for Z I’m taking liberties and actually titling with a career choice, not an actual archetype, but the zoologist or animal loving character has a few tropes to work with.

For the real zoologists out there, forgive me. But here we will talk about the fictional animal fanatic, and some of the purveying symbolism in using animals in our stories.

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Character Archetypes – X for X-Type (A Study of 4’s)

Do your characters have A or B Type personalities? Or perhaps something from both?

Or maybe they are a C Type or D Type? With associations to blood types, or maybe some humor? Today’s post will be a study of personality type systems or groups with four different types; and a study in melding them together for a realistic personality.

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More Resources for Using Tarot for Writing

Very early this year I published a large post on using tarot for writing inspiration. Since then, the post has made some headway around the tarot community in general. Here are some additional resources as an update to the original post, found here.

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Character Archetypes – T for The Traitor (and the Shapeshifter)

The Traitor is a villain-type to the main character, but often not realised as such until much later into the storyline. It’s this element of surprise which makes the traitor a very successful archetype.

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