More Resources for Using Tarot for Writing

Very early this year I published a large post on using tarot for writing inspiration. Since then, the post has made some headway around the tarot community in general. Here are some additional resources as an update to the original post, found here.

Tarot Header

Note 1: I am not a tarot user or expert. I simply use tarot cards (particularly nicely designed ones) as inspiration for plot or characters in my writing. I am not interested in correct readings of the cards, only in what it might offer a writer as ideas.

Note 2: One of the emails I received recently regarding the original post reported that the post has some dead links. That post is very long, and full of helpful resources for a writer to investigate further into tarot decks and meanings of cards. But as we know, people are always moving around pages on websites, and websites go dead entirely. Rather than go and check and attempt to find the correct (if they still exist) links, I would suggest as writers we are capable of locating or futher exploring across the web. As time goes on and I do locate more links, I will update.

The Original Post – Using Tarot for Writing [Resource Post]

More Resources 1 – Current Blog Posts

In the almost complete series on A to Z’s of Character Archetypes, there are several archetypes which are profiled within tarot. Take a look at The Lover, The Herald, The Judge, and The Initiates (beginning journey).

Link: Character Archetypes A to Z Series Index 

More Resources 2 – Love Tarot at Trusted Tarot

This Love Tarot spread is automated on a website. It automates a three-card spread for you, which you can then interpret for writing. Once you’ve selected three random cards, the spread is detailed for you, including a card’s relationship to astrological timing.

My thanks to Jeremy for writing to me about this.

Link: Love Tarot

More Resources 3 – Pins A-plenty

Speaking of astrology, I’ve been busy updating my Pinterest account with many mythology categories. Just today I added twenty of so Pins to the Mythology – Zodiac, Elements & Tarot board.

These pins, including the one featured below, link the tarot card with modern situations and possible plot ideas, as well as the zodiac relationship. These new pins come from Tarot Romance where you can read all the meanings.

Link: Mythology – Zodiac, Elements & Tarot | Writing Reference Pinterest Board

Link: Tarot Romance Tarot Meanings


Credit: Tarot Romance (link above)


2 thoughts on “More Resources for Using Tarot for Writing

  1. Fabulous! I got stuck in the middle of my manuscript so I pretended to one character reading the other character’s tarot. It was amazing how on the mark the reading was and how it helped me clarify my plot and themes.

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