What’s your Superpower?

So, I’ve been playing around some more with character development, and got to the point of choosing superpowers. Combined with Myers-Briggs indicators, enneagrams and maybe a smattering of zodiac, Olympic Gods and all (because, why not?).

I have a small household of superhero nerds, so the subject comes up a lot – what’s the superpower you would choose if you could?

My daughter is a true superhero nerd. She’s had her answer to this question down pat for several years now, and it never changes. She would choose invisibility. Despite being adamant this is her superpower, she can never confirm why.

I’m not so clear, but believe mine would be something along the psionic lines, which is a relative change of mind for me.


Since my own teenage years I’ve always had a thing for strong females, and Wonder Woman was my idol. To be more factual – Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman, as cheesy as the television series may have been – even back then. I am trying to reserve my opinion of the latest Wonder Woman until I see the movie this weekend, but still hold out that if I was to fall in love with a woman based on sheer physicality it would be Linda Carter, as Wonder Woman.

superhero mbti

Now that I’ve moved into psychic powers for my characters, things have changed. I’m intrigued by Jean Grey as an archetype: pure goodness vs total evilness when she turns into Dark Phoenix. Jean Grey and I have a lot in common (save for the powers, and killing off an entire solar system, that is). Both of us are women, that’s one (finding a lot of strong female role models out there is still falling short), both of us are INFJs on the Myers-Briggs typology (Beast is too, and I’m cool with that, and being shaggy blue too). Jean and I are both decisive, interested in character motivation, and we both have highly sensitive empathetic reactions to the world that drive us crazy.

dark phoenixMaybe I should be thankful that I don’t actually have psychic superpowers and can turn into an all-powerful being and have to sacrifice myself to save the world from me. Nor would I fit in that catsuit of hers.

That’s it, I’ve chosen my psionic superpower – something which can’t get me in trouble (other than with aerospace flight paths, maybe) and something which could relax me and give me the ultimate alone time – I want aero-kinesis, the power to take flight using air manipulation. I want to soar over mountains and watch the world from above.

It would be helpful also, to activate the superpower of writing at will, but that’s another matter. What would be your superpower, and what superhero is your idol?

Some resources I’ve played with –

sue-stormNote, although this post was light-hearted, the subject of Jean Grey as archetype is a much bigger and more frautful one. She’s been called an example of the Artemis (ie. kickass woman warrior) archetype killed off as nurturing sacrificial woman and is exampled as the poster-model for problems with taking a weaker powered woman into a mega-powered evil bee-itch which has even coined a term – The Jean Grey Effect” (via Elliott Freeman).

So, maybe I’ll call Jean my own, but I’ll leave my teenage daughter with Sue Storm, aka The Invisible Woman.





2 thoughts on “What’s your Superpower?

  1. Hi,

    I’m writing a humongous western novel as we speak, the life story of my protagonist heroine. She is OTT, and I have tried to ‘reduce’ her over the years (I’ve been writing this novel, on and off, for 30 years!) but it doesn’t work, so she just has to be.

    She’s a Calamity Jane persona. She’s a cowgirl/outlaw/jailbird/deputy sheriff/rancher/posse member/mayor – not all at once! She’s devastating in both appearance and personality. She’s looks like a beautiful tomboy, and she possesses a magnetic charisma. She’s adored and/or hated by both sexes and she’s bisexual, which she’s had to fight for acceptance over for many years. She’s a magnificent lover, as tough as any man and possesses the fastest gunhand in the west.

    I’ve found the story v exciting to write over the years (I’ve suffered depression for those thirty years and writing has helped a lot). I have written ‘the end’ a number of times (!), and am working on the editing and finishing if it. I hope to finish it in the next year or so.

    I have been hugely embarrassed by the violent and sexual nature of the story, but have had many friends read sections of it which most of them have said they’ve enjoyed. Relief. But it’s taken many years to become confident of it. I still can’t read it out in my writing group and not sure I ever will!

    Anyway, this is my story.

    Jo UK (www.kitty-le-Roy.co.uk)

    1. Sounds like you’ve found your own personal superpower, and her name is Kitty. With all that going on, maybe she’s a superhero in disguise, I’m sure the Old West must have had them, right? They didn’t just appear from nowhere in the 1940’s.

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