NaNo Won


Eleven days after posting this unofficial win, I admitted defeat.

I thought that in the next two weeks of NaNo I might be able to add a significant amount more words to my project. I thought wrong.

Anyone who lives in Australia, and Sydney in particular last week will fully understand. I personally sweltered through three days (and nights) of heat from 39 – 42 degrees Celsius – in my study which is one of the few rooms in the house without air conditioning. That’s 107.6 Farenheit, and the .6 counts too.

On the good side, I believe I’ve lost some weight. On the bad – I also lost words.

The other reason for my defeat this week is I’ve been working on some creative world-building projects rather than writing. Moving a mouse around with colours is a little easier on the brain than actual word-smithing. Or so I hoped – turned out it took three days for a job which should have taken one tops.

On the good side – I now have coats of arms, mindmaps and several visual symbols for my story world. No bad side really.

This week I’ve managed to add a full 2000 more words to the 13th’s wordcount. Sometimes world-building doesn’t take lots-of-words, just lots of thought to find just-the-right words.

So, I gave in and validated with the NaNoWriMo website.  Somehow, between my project stats in Scrivener and the NaNo validator there is a discrepancy of 5000 words – so my extra 2000 of this last ten days helped considerably.

This year we have the option to continue to add word count after validating. I probably will,  just as a matter of record of the rest of the work this week.

Good luck to all the Wrimos yet to win, about to win, or with absolutely no chance of winning. Every word counts, I am proof of that.


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