Coveting Writerly Things

For the first time in my life I sat through an Ebay bid war, and won something: This little red beauty, in working condition. She’s not one of those old solid black Remingtons of the 1940’s, and I won’t be sitting over her, snuggling a tumbler of whiskey under the manuscript.

But…she will do wonders as a display on my newly renovated study shelves, and she will also do wonders for my Writerly self – we all have a right to covet Writerly things after all.

And she will be given a workout by my daughter who’s never before appreciated the slowness and tap-tap thinking time of tangible keys and inky ribbons.


2 thoughts on “Coveting Writerly Things

  1. The worst thing about using the old manual typewriter was when you made a typo on the last line of a page and had to start all over again, thank you however invented the delete button lol

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