Productivity Fortnight+1 Post Index

Over the past three weeks this blog has posted on the general subject of productivity. There have been many productivity hacks and methods discussed with quite a few links and apps shared.

Here is the index to all the posts, listing major topics and tools posted.

Week 1

Post 1 – What is Productivity?

Productivity Fortnight 1Productivity Defined

  • Introduction
  • Simple attempt at a productivity definition
  • Links to articles on making productivity simple.
Post 2 -Why be Productive? – Big Goals

Productivity Fortnight 2Coming up with the big long-term goals.

  • Mission and Vision Statements, Manifestos and Slogans defined.
  • Books mentioned: Stephen Pressfield – War of Art, Stephen Covey –  7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • Example links: 2 Writer’s Manifestos
Post 3 – Passionate Goals and Plans

Productivity Fortnight 3Ensure you follow your passion, and starting to plan how to take big goals into action using a strategy or plan document.

  • Passion = Motivation = Productivity  – “The Flow”
  • Assignment Links: many links to writing plan articles and templates, and two Amazon creative planning books.
Post 4 – SMART Goals to Chunks

Productivity Fortnight 4Begin to break down the strategy into smaller chunks – milestones and tasks, using SMART.

  • SMART definition
  • Goals, Milestones, Habits and Tasks definitions via Michael Hyatt
  • Books mentioned: SJ Scott –‘S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple – 10 Steps to master Your Personal and Career Goals
Post 5 – Eating Task Animals

Productivity Fortnight 5A followup from Post 4, as an #52Tech post includes apps. Two methods for chunking down and prioritising tasks.

  • Eat the Elephant – task chunking.
  • Eat That Frog – task prioritisation.
  • Books mentioned: Brian Tracy – Eat that Frog!
  • Apps – ElephantBites, Eat That Frog; and task management apps – Omnifocus, Todoist, Wunderlist, and Toodledo.

Week 2

Post 6 – Attention! Focus on This!

 Productivity Fortnight 6Two forms of focus with scientific research to back it up.

  • Task Focus vs Goal Focus.
  • Video: What the internet is doing to our brains
  • Multitasking vs One at a Time.
  • Book Mentioned:  Gary Keller – ‘The ONE Thing, Surprisingly Simple Truths behind Extraordinary Results’ 
Post 7 – Take Action

Productivity Fortnight 7Putting high level plans into action with action plans and really small tasks.

  • Action Plans
  • MITs– Most Important Tasks (from GTD and Zenhabits)
  • The 2 Minute Rule (from GTD)
  • Tiny Habits – BJ Fogg’s habit setting methodology and course.
  • Apps – links to articles listing habit tracking apps, and my own large listly list of habit tracking apps.
Post 8 – Tackling Tasks – Action and Next Action

Productivity Fortnight 8Continuing on from Post 7, more on actioning tasks.

  • Next Action (from GTD).
  • Biggest First or Big Rocks First (from Zenhabits)
  • The 1 Minute Trick (Gretchen Ruben)
  • Zero Inbox / Inbox Zero (GTD and Merlin Mann, 43Folders)
  • Book mentioned – Stephen Covey – First Things First
  • Apps Listed – email services: Mailbox, Mailstrom, Boomerang, FollowUpCC.

Note – further email management tips and apps can be found in Post 15.

 Post 9 – Batching Tasks

Productivity Fortnight 9Group tasks into work batches.

  • Simple Batches
  • Batch via @Context (from GTD) – discussion on different contexts.
  • Work Station Popcorn – combines batched tasks with environmental movement.
  • Apps – Kanban or swimlaning task apps like Trello.
Post 10 – Priorities and Decision Making

Productivity Fortnight 10Methods and tools for deciding on tasks and prioritising them. A #52Tech tool post.

  • The Eisenhower Matrix/ Stephen Covey Urgent/Important Matrices
  • Urgency vs Importance definition
  • The Paired Comparison – going through one-by-one and rating against another.
  • Decision Matrix – using factors for comparison
  • Effective vs Complex Tasks (as factors)
  • Hitting Emotions (as factors)
  • ABC Prioritisation – must,should, nice-to
  • Must, Should,Could & Won’t – MoSCow
  • Starred Approach – link to Journaling Series.
  • Books mentioned – Michael Linenberger – The 1 Minute To-Do List, Stephey Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • App for That Eisenhower app, Priority matrix app. (Eisenhower has video)

 Week 3

Post 11 – FHWW and the 3P’s

Productivity Fortnight 11Productivity methods recommended in The Four Hour Work Week including Pareto’s Principle, Parkinson’s Law and the Pomodoro timing system.

  • Book discussed – Tim Ferriss – The 4-Hour WorkWeek.
  • Cornerstone principles within FHWW.
  • Selective Ignorance (good for email management)
  • Pareto’s Principle
  • Parkinson’s Law
  • Pomodoro

Post 12 – GTD and Related Concepts

Productivity Fortnight 12Productivity methods detailed through Getting Things Done.

  • Book discussed – David Allen – Getting Things Done
  • Cornerstone principles from GTD, including links to previous posts where some are detailed.
  • Open Loops
  • Tickler Systems – including 43 Folders
  • Other GTD Style Methods including book: Leo Babauta – Zen to Done.
  • Apps for That – Best GTD Apps – Things, Toodledo, Todoist, ZenDone, Omnifocus
Post 13 – Time Management

Productivity Fortnight 13Well-known principles, techniques and hacks for managing and analysing your time.

  • Summary links to other time management techniques in previous posts – 2 Minute Rule, 1 Minute Trick, Pomodoro
  • Timer Based Systems like Pomodoro and the Ultradian Rhythm.
  • Timeboxing and The Power Hour – Gretchen Rubin
  • Other timeboxing examples like wordsprints etc and
    Merlin Mann’s (10+2)*5 productivity hack
  • Time Audits (some apps supporting time audits featured in Post 15)
  • Books mentioned: Neil Fiore – The Now Habit
Bonus Post – 10 Tips to be a More Productive Writer using Evernote

Productivity Fortnight 17A bonus post which sits within the #E4W or Evernote for Writers book to blog series.

  • 10 + 2 bonus tips on using Evernote as a writer
  • Includes a free PDF document with additional tips.
Post 14 – Lists, To-Do’s and Reviews

Productivity Fortnight 14The fundamental tool in productive work – the list or task list, but what to do with it once completed? The answer is to review.

  • Types of lists 
  • Alternatives to to-do lists – Done Lists, Could-Do Lists, 1-3-5 Lists (an alternative to MITs), Bullet Journals.
  • Reviews  – GTD Weekly reviews, and other cyclic review policies.
  • Book mentioned: SJ Scott – ToDo List Makeover
Post 15 – Productivity Roundup with Apps

Productivity Fortnight 15Random associated concepts with apps for that. A #52Tech post.

  • Email Zero-ing – followup from Post 8 – Zero Inbox, with further email management tips –5 sentence responses or 4 sentence responses. Email speed dating  or 50 mails in 50 minutes or Tim Ferriss FHWW preference to open emails during certain times. (links to originator articles)
  • Apps for That – Email Management apps detailed –Email Game,, Mailbox, Dispatch, Mailstrom, Boomerang,
  • Timing Tasks – followup from Post 13 Time Management, with further apps for task timing and time audits.
  • Apps, 30/30 ipad time audit app, Now Then iOS time audit app, RescueTime and Klok
  • Random Productivity links and resources including – Accountability Partners, Energy Management and a list of Top Productivity Blogs.
Post 16 – Writing Productively

Productivity Fortnight 18A summary post with the productivity tools discussed in this post series applied and implemented through a typical big writing goal, linking to appropriate posts for more information.

Post 17 – This Index Post

Productivity Fortnight 16

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