#52tech | Week 5: Listen N Write

There’s a bonus week in January, so here’s a bonus little piece of freeware – Listen N Write.

Listen N Write is a helpful little freeware tool if you have a need to listen to audio or video files and type out your own transcription.

The program comes in a zip file with a desktop (Windows) or portable version. Once unzipped and installed, when opening the program you are presented with two windows – a text editor ready for your transcription, and a playback window. From this later window you can select your MP3 or MP4’s which will start playing.

The text editor has some nice features – bold, italics, underline and strikethough, plus font size and colour changes. You can save the file to RTF or TXT format, or print. You can also close this window, and choose your own writing app.

What makes the simple program helpful is the audio player smart buttons and options. You can choose to go through using play, rewind and pause buttons, or the Smart Pause N Play (Dictation button) which pauses by itself. Either way, on pause, the program rewinds back a couple of microseconds, and repeats that part of the recording for your typing to catch up on. Other options available include changing the play speed, volume, and setting times of pause or playback during the Smart dictation cycle. There is also a bookmarking feature through playback.

And, there’s also an audio recorder for you – to reverse the process and record from a transcript.

As freeware, the program comes down clean, but watch the end of the installation process as you’ll be taken to the website and displayed a couple of other products to download. You can decline these, but the action is on accepting if you don’t manage the process.


App Overview

Listen N Write for Windows (desktop and portable) from Elefant Software. Freeware.


Listen N Write has special features simplifying the transcription work as you can control via keys (while using its integrated word processor) and insert time markers (bookmarks).

The audio stream is automatically rewound a few seconds when pressing the Pause key.

  • Freeware for Windows users – desktop and portable versions
  • Small bytes.
  • Functions (in separate windows): Playback, Text Editor and Audio Recorder windows.

52Tech 200This was a post in the #52tech goal – to investigate and share one technology post once a week for 2014.

You can find all the posts indexed via the #52tech tag, or top menu option at huntingdownwriting.wordpress.com.

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