The Best and Worst of NaNo


Well, I lied.

I’m doing a progress post.

For those of us who want a bit of NaNoEntertainment, take a look at this tumblr blog: The Best of NaNoWriMo – where who ever it is pulls screenshots from the current forums showing the weirdness that can go on.

And weirder still – people actually submit to the blog.

If that’s the best, I’m not sure mine can be labeled the worst.

But here’s mine so far, statistically –

My Month is a simple display showing overall progress and how you did on any given day. Light green and red show where you were above or below the goal for the day, bold green and red are reserved for days where you did exceptionally well or monumentally badly. Example <–

That’s pretty much it. I’m either bold red, or bold green. And I’ve really pushed to make up the missing wordcount over the last couple of days.

Friday was horrible. I started off the first day of NaNoWriMo with an emergency tooth extraction – which took an hour and a half (no lie) to get out of my mouth. The rest of the day is a bit of a daze of pain relief, napping, and feeling guilty that I just couldn’t focus enough to write. I did manage to write and publish a newsletter by noon, something I had planned earlier fortunately.

Saturday and Sundays are normally non-writing days for me, but I managed a limping couple of hundred words around family events and a little more pain relief.

None of it felt right, however. By Monday I was writing blogposts. That was tough, and I was lacking a lot of motivation. I also managed a short piece of fiction which I’d planned to do on Friday. But something was still missing.

Tuesday I re-found myself or the writer within. On a whim I started writing a YA superhero-ey piece, which developed into a longer chapter, and then another chapter today.

Today some idiot door knocker interupted me right at the end of a marathon two hours of writing, and managed to open the dog gate up at the front door, letting my little writing mascot, Mickey, out. Mickey likes to run and follow his nose. In a previous great escape, he somehow managed to cross a busy intersection of traffic lights and arrive up in the hospital grounds not far from us. Hence the dog gates.

This time, he headed off around the neighbour’s, into the native bush we have behind. We back onto a national park. He could have gone for miles. And found tiger snakes.

Of course, after excusing myself from the idiot but mortified door knocker, I went in search of Mickey. In the pursuit – in which I had no chance of finding or catching him, I managed to ineloquently jump onto un-solid land, and took a tumble onto river rock. I fell flat onto my stomach, knees and wrists held out to fend off the mighty earth from attacking my face. As you do.

After I’d eased myself up, and sat down before I fainted, I realised I had some bad grazing going on. By the time I’d calmed myself, steeped the bleeding, and decided I better call for reinforcements, Mickey, of course, wandered around, bored with his freedom, and asked to be let inside for more doggy-sleeping.

The upshot is that this post took three times as long to type, using only a few fingers on each hand, as the grazing on my wrists are prohibitive, and I suspect I’ve jolted a few fingers that don’t appear to move very well. The future for my NaNoWriMo hack doesn’t look bright right now, but that’s okay – I’ve got 17,000 words, and maybe I can dictate them to somebody over the next few days. We will see.

The good news is the superhero story. I love it. This piece of fiction is something I completely hadn’t planned or prepped for. But gosh, is it fun. And I’m (was) pouring through the words, so there it is. So, suddenly I’m living in the world of pantsing it.

But if that’s the easy week of NaNoWriMo, I ponder what those grumpy middle weeks will give me.

Keep on fighting writing, and See you on the other side.

Oh. And I am counting this blog post as NonFictWriMo.

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