#atozchallenge R is for the Writer’s Resume

This is another bonus post for today, as I’ve just updated my resume onsite to a visual one.

What does a Writer’s Resume include? That’s a good question for people like me – aspiring authors (not aspiring writers, as many of us have a large body of written work, but are currently working towards becoming a published author of a book).

I decided to spice up my About page on this blog. I hadn’t realised how many hits I would get on an about page, but it’s a lot compared to the dynamic blog content. But when faced with the fact I don’t have (as yet) a back list of published books to list on my resume page, I began to wonder what it should include. Contact details, of course. But what else?

I was inspired by the agent pages found in each edition of the Writer’s Digest magazine, and formed my visual resume initially on that bubble design. I also decided to include the status of where my work projects are sitting – from conception to draft to revision. I also included some pieces about me – my favourites, themes, and a couple of quotes, similar to what they have done in Writer’s Digest.

The resume has to be an image on my About Page, unfortunately. But I’m including the PDF version for anyone interested to download, and live links for the contact mediums. The initial creation sits in Microsoft Publisher which can be quickly changed once books or projects move in status. Other more creative designers have produced resumes in Infographic form, but I wanted one that fitted in a one page sheet for ease.

Aside from perhaps adding in any relevant memberships (such as belonging to Sisters in Crime) or awards (I don’t have any), what should a writer’s resume include? Please add your two bits in via the comments if I have a drastic omission. If you have a blog or website / author platform, what does your About page say about you?

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11 thoughts on “#atozchallenge R is for the Writer’s Resume

  1. Such a great idea Hunter. Did you design it yourself? I’m not sure my limited design skills would produce something as polished as that! Content is great too though.

  2. Ahh, the writer’s resume. I find this one of the most difficult things to face in the world of writing. That bio paragraph in a query… I just leave it blank. Thinking about what I would write on an ‘About me’ of a book… I’m still blank but I intend to read as many as I can of other authors and somehow create my own from that.

    Have fun with a-z. 🙂

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