#ROW80 Busybusy

ROW80LogoSmI’m now dedicating this month to prep-work for April’s upcoming A to Z Challenge and CampNaNo. Although I can’t write the blog posts in advance, even coming up with some posts formed around the A to Z theme, and outlining the work keeps me involved for several hours each day.

I’m so busy I also managed to forget last Wednesday’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group post, but the upshot is I am also finding some time to read more.

Writing On The Right Side Of The BrainWriting On The Right Side Of The Brain by Daniel Mega

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There were many writing exercises in this book that I hadn’t seen before, and several with spins in them. Perhaps it’s the old geek in me, but I especially liked the pseudo-code exercise, harkening back to my comic book infatuation also.

Good to duck and dive into.

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So, that’s it as far as my writing goals go ala ROW80. March has become a pre-write/outline month, with the hope that all that work will make the daily posts of April much quicker, allowing me to then get on with my revision process.

The time spent away from my novel was at first, a little worrying, but now I’m more at ease with it. I’d hit a couple of show-stoppers last week, where my brain just shut down. With moving onto different writing work, the creativity is gradually returning, and I have a seed now of how I’m going to rewrite a main protagonist. The seed needs a bit more water on it, however. I’m aiming for a downpour come April.

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Busybusy

    1. The first CampNaNo is in April also, John. This time around, CampNaNo is including different types of writers and we can put our own wordcount targets in, meaning I’m about to do A-Z and CampNaNo together. But CampNaNo doesn’t allow the writing and scheduling of blog posts in advance of the actual month, which impacts prep for A-Z.

      Instead of writing my blog posts fully, and scheduling them, I can only outline and do some pre-writing thoughts instead.

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