#ROW80 Check-Check

ROW80LogoSmHow’s everyone going on your writing goals? Here’s my quick update on my own for the last week.

Revision of Blue Popcorn:Book 2 Blue Popcorn Small

  • I have completed a first pass triage and rewritten every scene at least once.
  • I have completed an outline in the form of scene cards which analyse the GMCD (goal, motivation, conflict and disasater), POV, setting flow, plot points / story beats et el.
  • I have also translated these cards into one large spreadsheet and added in all the scene notes for what needs to change or be worked on.
  • Today I am letting it all rest before returning to some rewrites and a further specific pass through. Character, I think.

This seems a large lot, and it certainly was. It took me hours—no, days to get the structure and outlining re-engineered. I also missed the deadline to get the scene spreadsheet into a course facilitator who requested it – but I benefited immensely from the exercise.

Other Tasks:

  • Reading-wise, I’ve managed to read through two crafting books – written by a course facilitator. But all the writing task work has meant a downturn in my fiction reading.
  • I am involved in the writing and feedback on a new book for authors, but the worksheets and reading material for this last week have been huge. I’ve spent over 24 hours trying to answer them, add revision comments, and am annoyed by the draft status of the material, and constant repetition of questions I have had to work through – BUT, gosh, despite my resistance to the work, a few of those questions have really helped me nut out specific benefits and features of my writing project.
  • I’ve been playing around with a non-fiction idea. Total fun.
  • The days domestically are huge at the moment – it’s the third week back at school for a new school year, and the routine of new activity days, sports trials and grading, and all –well, it’s been grueling for all of us, and particularly stressful for me this last week as my husband is away on a business trip, leaving me to do everything.  Quite a few things like social media time have had to give for me. In fact, this blog post is a rush job also.
  • I’m just using my current free day or so to catch up with some online writing cons – IRCpromobadge3a
    • IndieReCon is running right now, with some excellent posts by many authors. I particularly like the two that give the guts of a writing business plan and a writing marketing plan. Free to read or view.
    • WANACon  runs this weekend- I registered for this, but almost regret it, as my Aussie timing just means that Wana-Conference-new2practically all of the scheduled seminars are not attendable by me (they run over my night-time, or over Saturday morning, which, as any Aussie Mum will know, is dedicated to Saturday sports taxi driving). However, I can catch up with those I miss via video recordings.

Wishing all writers, and particularly ROW80 fellow participants the best for their own goals. I have scheduled time to come around and read and comment on a few.

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