Best of…2012 Posts

me and arnie sqaure smallerIt’s seasonal roundup time. Here’s a list of my top by popularity posts here at Hunter’s Writings. I don’t have whiz-bang analytics going, so this is based on noticing what has been happening on the dashboard here, which I notice about once a month, if that. (Yeah, I’m rubbish at stats).

In Order of Popularity:

  1. The No 1 Post this year obviously points to a niche I have nothing to do with and I am proposing that the 100s of people who come here (daily) aren’t actually interested in writing at all – The Origins of my Airhead Alpaca. What I can’t work out is whether those coming here on that search are after information on airheads, or alpacas.
  2. Thriller Genre posts – My diatribes on Genre – Thrillers, Mystery, Suspense, are long-term reader shares, it seems. Thanks for all the interest in these.
  3. Techno Writing Tool posts – these are popular, a case in point is my post this month on Writing to a First Draft. In particular, the Index Card scene cards are popular out of that post.

On My Platform Blog:

I have been remiss in posting to my author platform blog for several months, due to concentrating on completing off actual writing projects. Suffice to say that the following posts found there, posted many moons ago, still gather readers from time to time, including a conversation on my Facebook account from one person who started off calling me a shallow fool over one particular mass female murderer.

  1. Famous Women Mass Murderers in Recent History
  2. Out of my A-Z Series written for April – A is for Arson, A is for Angels of Death (killer), C is for Copycat Effect
  3. Defining the Psychopath series.

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