Friday Link Love for Writers

I return for this [very] intermittent series of shares. I'm still busy revising my novel and like many first time authors, underestimated the amount of revision and editing needed to get the book ready by oh – 1000 million percent. To keep me sane, I sometimes allow myself to read something else. Here's what I actually enjoyed:

Marketing and Promotion

Writing Craft

Writer's Tales

Best seller thriller author CJ Lyons shares a story at of how a real life murder and loss affected her world as a medical intern. Crime Stories and the Power of Loss

Bonus links

  • I have also just published a links post at which includes some links to articles on random psychology, health and criminology news. If you're interested in the plague, U.S. crime rates, or Marilyn Monroe, go and follow the links.
  • The image used here is a sample thumbnail of an image I have taken personally and added to Flickr, for Kristen Lamb's new WANA Commons group. If reading the net recently you will know the drama over blogger – Roni Loren being sued for using an image on her blog she found on the Internet. Many bloggers have taken down all their images, and are seeking sources where they are free to use images like these. The WANA Commons group runs with a creative commons license.


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