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I accidentally posted this on my other blog for a day. Somewhere it’s still Sunday, so hopefully this late post here will be forgiven.

My second sharing of six sentences from my WIP – Blue Daisies. This week I am participating in Six Sentence Sundays where you will find many other writers sharing a small portion of their work.


5th August Six Sentences

My six sentences come from my work in progress – Blue Daisies. BD is in self-edit right now, before moving onto more edits, so you never know – even these sentences might be tossed.

This except is from the very start of a scene called “A Gift” which finds a main character shopping for a gift she hopes to impress with.

The woman hovered around the back of Clyde’s store, in the half shadows cast by his purposely dim bulbs. He’d seen her in here before several times, always lingering there – with the porcelain busts and statues.

Not an uncommon sight at Clyde’s Emporium and Antiques – many customers took several visits to consider their purchases.

His thumbs tapped together over interlaced hands and he squinted his eyes to focus on the woman. Any worthwhile purchase should take time. But perhaps she needed a little nudge?

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