Shoutout – Hi, David!

Just got a new blog follower (believe me, it’s rare enough to celebrate for days) but that’s not the reason I’m shouting.

Do you believe in kizmet forces? Synchronicity? Fate? Coincidences?

Lookee – David McGowan is my newest follower. He’s an indie author who has just published a psychological thriller (which I naturally  just bought).

But that’s only the first of coincidences. Oh no. The fact that David wrote a book in my genre wouldn’t be so startling, bar for the following –

  1. David just got a blogging award from the luscious Paula Acton (well, I don’t actually know for real life if she’s luscious or not, but -)
  2. It’s called “The Hunter Inside“.  Get it? He has my name on it.
  3. David lives in Liverpool, U.K. I don’t know Liverpool very well – but the University there is one of the best for teaching forensic psychology. So guess what – I’m writing my own latest psychological thriller – Blue Daisies – as a series of inter-related short stories – and it’s set in Liverpool. Blue, my main character, is currently studying there. In later books, I’ll be taking her to Cambridgeshire, an area of the UK I know very well, and then she’s off to Sydney, of course. But in the meantime, Merseysider she is.

Huh? Huh? Can you see my jaw on the ground. Talk about coincidinks.

Which is why I’m suddenly stalking his site. Hi, David!

David’s kindle links take you to the U.K. Amazon site which Aussies can’t use. Bleh. Thankfully, I got my copy from – here’s the link for those who aren’t British either.

4 thoughts on “Shoutout – Hi, David!

  1. hmmm am I luscious….well in my dreams possibly lol I asked my other half but he just grunted and went back to sleep (well it is gone 1am here and he is up for work in three hours) so judging from his response possibly not as luscious as i once was …..damn

  2. Well, thank you very much! There certainly are a few coincidences there! I hope you enjoy THI, and if you need any advice or info on Liverpool for your book, just let me know! Gonna reblog your piece now! 🙂

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