Wordcount Smurdcount

I just updated my wordcount on the CampNaNoWriMo June novel, and realised I had gained nearly 6000 words from last count. Then I realised this means absolutely nothing, sigh.

Firstly, my writing process causes some anomalies in the wordcount itself. I have to click a text file over to ‘First Draft’ status within Scriner before the Project statistics include the text. If I forget to do so, or have left off a new piece as unfinished (like I did on Friday), then all that writing isn’t counted until I remember to include it. Hence the sudden increase of a good 4000 new words into existence.

Secondly, I’ve entered a cleanup phase where I am not only creating brand new short stories, but going in and editing existing ones, due to a need to feed in breadcrumbs amongst the stories, and to add in more conflict and actual story telling. Some of them are increasing, rather than my initial need to cut them down. So, each day I am not only deleting large sections of text, rewriting others, but I’m also adding new wordcount.

At this stage, my wordcount widget above will give a somewhat random indication of progress forward, hiding all the moves backward I am taking as I go. Hah.

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