Wow, these blogger awards are like some kind of virus. Or meme or something. Anyway, thanks to the wonderful Paula Acton, who got it from the wonderful Vikki, here’s my latest – a Reader Appreciation Award.

In order to accept this award I need to do the following:

List something you’ve been up to lately
Nominate 6 other blogs

What I’ve been up to lately – real lately, as in this morning. Not actually working on my fiction writing, that’s what. Because of all these blog posts. Not that I resent the valid excuse of social media which is important for any writer nowadays. I’ve also got a beta / critique to this morning before getting back to the WIP.

6 Other Blogs – actually, I can’t think of them, those that haven’t already got these awards by now, anyway. So, I’m going to give you six blogs that I, as a thriller writer, read constantly for research. Some have some quite graphic er, graphics, especially the tumblr blogs, which tend to be image intensive. So be aware.

  • Top of the Show, Bingo – it’s DP Lyle’s The Writer’s Forensics Blog – this medical doctor and author provides really interesting posts, and answers to reader’s questions. The books by this author, available helpfully as ebooks on Amazon, should be in any crime or thriller writer’s must-haves.
  • Tom Adair‘s Forensics 4 Fiction is similarly themed, and similarly wonderful.
  • True Forensics tumblr blog – the unfortunate f*y url chosen originally for this tumblr may mean some filter tools will break this post for me, and the warning goes for this one – some of the articles are very interesting, this is a female forensics worker who is training in things like finger printing etc. But there are also a lot of graphic images of dead bodies, and famous murders.
  • Whoever Fights Monsters tumblr blog – this is a female private investigator who works on cold cases. The tumblr blog often holds very graphic murder scene images, and repeats snippets of information on subjects such as serial killers, psychopathy and other more graphic aspects. Credits for the images and book passages are also often missing, but the site provides some useful knowledge overall. As with many such tumblr blogs, you will find reposts from some other tumblrs which deal with the same graphic subjects.
  • Neuroskeptic – I have several psychology and forensic psychology blogs I read, but for whatever reason, some haven’t blogged in some time. Neuroskeptic, a blog from the UK, manages to provide some interesting thoughts and knowledge on all sorts of things, however, with the salty grains of some scepticism.
  • For my sixth, I’m breaking the rules again, and giving you a list of some of the crime / psychology / forensics blogs I read authored by either a group of crime or mystery writers, or authors who write in the genre. Some provide posts on the craft of writing as well as crime or other themes, or even general personal posts.
    • Laura Diamond has a Mental Health Monday, and features regular interviews with authors, Writing Wednesday craft posts, and all sorts.
    • Sarah Fine is a child psychologist and author of YA fiction, and combines psychology posts with posts on writing. Check out the cover of Sanctum, her first book due out October.
    • The following are collective or group blogs by authors in the mystery / crime genres. The blogs feature posts on anything from the latest release of a book, to the writing or publishing processes, craft and sometimes personal posts also. All of them appear fun to write for. Criminal Minds, Crime Fiction Collective, Murderous MusingsMurder She Writes, Murderati, The Kill Zone
    • The Thrill Begins – a group blog linked to the International Thriller Writers organisation. The Thrill Begins features posts from new thriller writer debut authors, dealing with the process, craft and thrills.
    • Clarissa Draper – discusses subjects similar to mine, and I’m a fan. Currently she’s doing an A-Z of Crime blog meme round.
    • Scott Dickson – the Crime Analyst’s Blog – an American blogger who works and blogs in law enforcement and the latest law and crime news, not just from America.

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