Tagged and Tagging

I’ve been tagged by K.S. Collier, as part of some tagging that’s going around the 4th Writer’s Platform Campaign. Here are the answers to the tag questions, some of my own, and links to who I’ve passed the tag onto.

My Answers

K.S. Collier’s post (I swiped the whole piece so that you can see who has also been tagged into the same questions):

My questions: For: Mywithershins; Nancy S. Thompson; Mina Burows; Daniel Todd Noyen; Siv Maria; Hunter Emkay; and Claire L. Fishback. HAVE FUN! I sure did!

1. What do you write, fiction or nonfiction?

Both. I’ve long been an intermittent writer on creativity, and papercrafts. I’m slowly moving back into that. I’ve held blogs for over a decade now, of one form or another. But primarily I am now writing genre fiction.

2. What are your favorite sweets?

When my family goes away on holidays we always try out the local sweets – rock (candy) at the coastal villages of England, Scottish fudge, that kind of thing. But I’ve never been a big sweet eater (which makes me a liar in my dentist’s eyes, given the state of my teeth). My go-to sweet for mood adjustment is chocolate.

3. How often do you write?

I have a goal to write for at least two hours each weekday, although I often do much more than that. I am fortunate to have the school hours free to write through, so make it a semi-rule that I leave the weekends for my family and chores. I sometimes break the rule if the muse or a deadline tempts me.

4. Do you write by outlining first, or by the seat of your pants?

I’m a plotter. I knew that years ago, but forgot it in a rush to start my current WIP last year. And that lack of thorough outlining, character development and thought has pulled me up and crapped me out several times, making my current project the hardest I’ve attempted.

I figure it all pans out the same in the long run, anyway. Those that create on-the-fly may get into that first draft much more quickly, but then have to look into the face of a few rewrites later on. Those like me (or how I should be) spend maybe weeks or months developing the idea, but I absolutely loathe the thought of rewrites and hope they are kept to a minimum.

The above applies to longer fiction only. I’ve noticed the few times I’ve attempted short fiction, I’ve just pantsed it.

5. Do you use foreshadowing to strengthen your plotline?

Yes, but I’m not sure how successful or not I am at it.

6. Who is your favorite author?

They change, of course. But at a push – Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Lee Childs, JK Rowling, CS Lewis, Roald Dahl, JR Tolken, Arthur Conan Doyle, Suzanne Collins (really enjoyed The Hunger Games), Jonathan Kellerman, Kathy Reichs, Dan Strong – some are stronger writers than others, but all can tell a good story. Lots more.

7. What is your favorite movie or movie series?

Grease, (always the word). Lots of the recent animated movies, because my family loves to go to the movies as a treat – particularly Kungfu Panda, Toy Story, and Shrek series. Rain Man, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, Silence of the Lambs, Se7en, The Lord of the Rings trilogy because it was shot in New Zealand and I like to spot locations. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Star Trek, all, even if they have William Shatner in them. Born Free – always makes me sad, that music. Star Wars – when I was a kid.

Harry Potter – all. We used to use platform 9 or 10 at London Kings Cross station anytime our local trains took us into London. Before they put up the fake 9 and 3/4 sign outside the station building, we used to kid our very young daughter to look out for Hogwarts students on the platforms.

8. What genre do you write?

Currently I’m working on psychological thrillers. I also want to return at some point to alt-earth or dystopian fantasy.

9. Name your future pet, and describe them?

I currently have a houseful of pets as it is, from the normal cats, dogs, to the slightly more unusual – hermit crabs, tadpoles going through the change of life, and out the back, a family of Australian Bush Turkeys, a family of kookaburras, and one or two water dragon lizards.

My future pet would seriously be an alpaca – and some fluffy bantam crooks. I used to have a goat as a girl, I figure having one alpaca won’t be too much work. And I’ve always wanted one of those mini-pigs to walk around the neighbourhood on a lead.

If not any of the above, a working K9, the dog out of Dr Who.

10. What is your all time favorite character, whether your own or someone else’s?



Adrian Mole? Dr Who, all of them. Data from Star Trek. Hagrid, with Buckbeak. Willy Wonka. Hannibal Lector. Alex Cross. Blue Finchett. Sherlock Holmes. Princess Fiona. Wonder Woman.

Um. Yeah.

11. Do you have a stuffed animal in your possession, if so, what type?

There are a couple shared with my husband – teddy bears and I once made us our own special superhero softie action figures.

Apart from that, the family collects monkies and lemurs as a traditional going to the zoo memento.

My latest writer’s desk adornment is a set of voodoo dolls – I don’t believe in voodoo, but these ones promise creativity, luck and one million dollars. You can hardly turn that down.


My Turn – Eleven Questions Tag

Tagged – some from my suspense and thriller buddies at the 4th Writer’s Platform Building Campaign, some from other lists there, some just because.

Harlow Coban, who has just become a published author; Melissa Sugar, who has just posted about her local Mardi Gras, and why women bare their breasts at them; Abhishek Boinapalli and Lady Gwen, who both joined in with the first flash fiction challenge also; Jennifer Chase, who’s latest post profiling famous black widow serial killer Belle Gunness out-gunned my own post waiting to be published in April, so I’m just going to refer any readers back to it; Louise Wise – who just posted a video I must use; Barbara McDowell – who I forgive an infatuation with reality shows and pop idols for the sake of her author profiles; Rachael Harrie, who is running the 4th Writer’s Platform Building Campaign, so is bound to be too busy to even notice this tag, but even admins need some fun and promotional opps for themselves, right? JC Martin, who just posted an A to Z for my next challenge also, and is one busy person supporting many good causes; Megan, who just broke 100 followers and appears to like spiders as much as I don’t; Sarah F – teen writer, and newb blogger, but holey-smoke, does that girl do content; Cas (bonus tag).


Note – some of the writers I tagged above have specific blog platforms, and some of the questions below may not fit with what the blogger wants. Feel free to mutate the questions to fit.

  1. What happened to your very first piece of writing you completed? Still in the bottom draw / submitted and rejected non times / publishing success / gifted to a family or friend / shredded and donated to the local hamster breeder / I have no memory of that piece’s current whereabouts / fill in your own story.
  2. What’s your thoughts on pen names nowadays, and if you could have any one pen-name to signify your genre or type of writing, what would it be?
  3. If you watch television, what’s your current favourite show, and why? If you don’t watch television, tell me why.
  4. What’s your one favourite writing craft book? – the go-to book when you need inspiration, or an idea to solve a problem, or just to feel good about your writing again.
  5. What’s one five year writing goal of yours?
  6. If I came to your house for dinner, what would you serve me (to impress me or to get rid of me – your choice).
  7. Lots of these 11 question tag memes ask us why we blog. Obviously all on the 4th Writers Platform have a blog. But my question is – what do you get out of blogging, and what’s your biggest frustration in blogging?
  8. Many of us involved in writing – fiction, genre-fiction or non-fiction, have to spend some time researching for our writing. Name and link to a couple of favourite RSS feeds, tweeters, websites or other resources that provide some of your most regular research material, and explain what they have to offer.
  9. What type of writing scares the bejeebers out of you? Will you ever attempt it?
  10. What’s the matter with your ( genre / type of prose / type of non-fiction ) you write in nowadays – what are the reading public sick of, what are you sick of, and how much importance do you place on all that?
  11. Camping, 4+ star hotels, or something in between? And where?
  12. Break the rules, insert anything here or up there with one of those questions.


3 thoughts on “Tagged and Tagging

  1. Hey Hunter, thanks for the tag, but I think I’ll pass on this round, seeing as I’ve already been tagged–twice. But since you asked, I’ll answer your first question here:

    1. I wrote my first novel-length piece in 8th grade. It was a murder mystery a la R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series. I wrote it longhand in a school notebook. Can’t remember much of the story, but it was filled with cliches and stereotypes, and it sucked. Oddly, my classmate wanted it, so I just gave it to him. I’d like to think he still has it today, and should I ever contract the JK Rowling success bug, that he’d have a collectable on his hands. πŸ˜‰

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