Getting Old while Getting Connected

Social media isn’t as easy as it used to be. All the pundits tell me to get more connected, to build my writing connections, to build my platform, yeah I know already. And oh, how I’ve tried – or been ‘trying’ to put it more succinctly.

Tales of Getting Disconnected from the Connection Sites.

Problem No 1 : When joining sites, you often are given the option to signup using Facebook or Twitter, only to find that when you go to sign on normally, the site doesn’t recognise you – oh, it’s taken your email address alright, just not thought to prompt you to add a password to your profile and signon. And the apps – because we all love our apps – don’t let you sign in with Facebook. Or Twitter. Or anything else but your non-existant password.

Problem No 2 : Confirmation of being who you are trying to be. Over the last day I’ve signed up on a couple more sites, so have been ploughing through the copious emails (52 of them from one site), text messages and notifications, to confirm emails, registrations, friends, my mobilephone number, my bra size, the lot.

Several years ago I did this for my personal name (it’s no big secret that I’m using Hunter Emkay as a pen name, those who knew me back in the oldie days will recognise the pen name anyway). This time around, it’s been a lot tougher to get onto the sites and get setup. But I am (I think?), although the pages are somewhat berift of previous history, obviously.

So, now you can find me on –

Facebook – I’ve somehow got two different profiles on there now, one is a page – but I’m darned if I can understand the switching between the two at this point, and why my page lets me put links to posts onto my wall, whereas the profile doesn’t. And because the page was setup before the profile, I can’t use my own name as a username for my profile – it’s already been taken. Doh-humbug. Must be getting old, I used to be good at all this techy stuff – it was even my career.

Addendum grump: And what happened to all the apps that you could use on Facebook? Yep –> old <– Me.

Goodreads – I’m using it for my ‘to read’ / ‘currently reading’ lists. So far, I’ve collected 48 friends in about 10 hours, but I think I missed the warning when I first joined up telling me that if I let Goodreads access my Twitter account (or was it vice versa?) then all those they found as my friends on twitter would all have to accept the invitation to be my friend on Goodreads, pretty-please , each individually (an invitation I hadn’t realised was being sent out). Still, 50 or so emails later, and there’s a fine swathe of friends on Goodreads for me, unlike Facebook where nobody likes me at all. Forgive my accidental spam.

Still, I understand Goodreads has a good set of features for authors, whenever I am one.

Linkedin – yeah, I’m not sure what Linkedin can give the newish writer as yet, either. Other than a loneliness complex. Being friendless on Facebook doesn’t bother me. But being linkless on linkedin? Yeah. Bothered. So, if you happen to be on Linkedin, take pity on me, and I’ll pay you with kindness, good thoughts and possibly actual Aussie money – which I’ll have you know, is worth more than the US dollar right now, by 7 cents. Which does not explain why Kindles and iPads are 150% dearer around here.

Google+ – I inherited a G+ profile with the email address, of course. I’ve been on there for some time, just watching as completely random strangers from India put me onto their circles.

I’m wondering where they’ll be going with it, because right now there’s not that much to do. But I understand that the chat facility with circles is quite good. Potentially, if I ever belonged to a localish writing group, this might be a good way to go. Of course, with video chat like that, there’s always the onus that I have to be dressed for it. I ponder how many other writers in my circles might be writing naked. KIDDING!

One thought on “Getting Old while Getting Connected

  1. I have a Twitter account that I’m too shy to post on, and my blog. Everything else scares me. Occasionally I get invites to Linkedin, but I figured that was just for professionals and the invites were accidents 🙂

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