Link Love for Writers on Fridays

More to read, from the week that was.

Publishing and the Industry

  • Print Books: The New Vanity Publishing? Joanna Penn guest posts at Joel Friedlander‘s site with this post.
  • Hidden Costs, Not Haterade Lilith Saintcrow follows on from the Jonathan Franzen debate of last week and wonders why we are still not looking at the true costs of ebooks.
  • Amazon, KDP Select, Monopolies and Asshattery – The Word – According To Me | The Word – Alan Baxter wades in with his opinions. 
  • Self-Publishing Basics: How to Organize Your Book’s Front Matter Joel Friedlander makes me realise how little I knew about the front contents of a book. 
  • Bookstores are Closing & Amazon is Expanding–Want a Sure Bet in an Uncertain Future? Kristen Lamb tells us all to get or keep on blogging.
  • Via Joanna Penn (@thecreativepenn) Five Publishing Hurdles (And How to Clear Them) via @michaelhyatt

Writing Craft

  • So What’s Your Story(ies)? Larry Brooks of Storyfix does it again, discussing getting the story pitch / idea right for the right audience, especially when you are still writing it.
  • Aspiring Advice: Problems With ProloguesDavid P King tells us that prologues are okay, but maybe rename them ‘chapter one’. 
  • Prologues: please use responsiblyRoz Morris says something similar.
  • The Perils of Plotting a Time Travel Novel / Suspense Author Jeremy Bates | White LiesTim C Taylor provides a very interesting guest post on a subject I’ve never really thought about from a structural sense.
  • Oh, no. Not Again. – Hank Phillipi made me laugh out loud over her latest copy editing experience. 
  • Guest Author James R. Tuck: “Speechtags are of the Devil,” He Saidbrilliant dialogue example of what James R Tuck said. 
  • Writing Tip: Figure out your “Candy Bar” scenes in advance – Via an io9 interview with author Jenn Reese, we learn about candy bar scenes – this is a term coined by Holly Lisle. I was one of the original alma maters of Holly’s Writer Bootcamp writing and revising e-courses (soon to be ebooks I understand) but had forgotten about eating my sweet spot scenes.
  • KarlBimshas (@KarlBimshas) “Building Short Stories with Cubes“:
  • Writing Tips: how to use quotation marks – from the American perspective. 


  • Charles Dickens was a hero – read about how the author survived a train crash and rescued his book manuscript from drowning via Salon. 
  • Metaphors actually trigger the sensory parts of our brains [Neuroscience] io9 tells me something poetically nice to know.
  • The Eminem Guide to Becoming a Writing and Marketing Machine – via Copyblogger.
  • 15 Amazing Effects of Prison LibrariesLee Lofland points out how important paper books still are.

Topic of the Week – ideas

  • Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds post (warning – some inevitable CW profanity inside) deals with 25 reasons writers are nuts and here’s No.23, the Idea Plague (yep, got that down pat, including the bugs in the hair syndrome) –

Ask a writer: “Where do you get your ideas from?” And the writer will reply: “How do you make yours stop?” Then he’ll bat at his hair as if it’s on fire.


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