Write Anything’s GFC Challenge

 Write Anything has just announced the Form and Genre Challenge – a 52 week challenge to write, post and submit in a genre or writing form announced at the WA blog each Sunday. The full schedule is up for the next year and can be downloaded as a PDF for forward planning. 

Any writers entering the challenge have a week to submit their entry via a Mr Linky widget. Winners each week can have their work published in an upcoming anthology. The genres and forms chosen (on the schedule) range from some uncommon forms of poetry and prose to some genres I personally would need to look up to understand. 

The challenge has several objectives, but is primarily focused on challenging writers to write “dangerously” and in forms, genre or word count lengths they may be unfamiliar with. 

Participants will be publishing their creations onto blogs, and are encouraged to use the challenge to find other’s works, to provide blog comments or feedback on each week. By submitting a story into each week’s challenge, a writer commits to feeding back on at least 3 more works. 


At the moment those who manage to do all 52 challenges are told they will have an Internet badge created for them. However, given the common blogger’s attraction to sporting blog badges (have you seen all mine?) on sidebars, I hope to see somebody coming up with a few for participants doing the challenges over the weeks. 

This sounds like a really interesting challenge, and opportunity to try out some types of writing I’ve not experienced before. But it is also a big commitment for many writers. Are you considering entering, or using the challenges as inspiration over the course of your writing weeks or months?


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