Link Love for Writers on Friday

Another round of interesting reads from the last week.

Publishing and the Industry

Writing Craft


Topic of the Week 1 –  Pen Names

Topic of the Week 2 – E-Books vs P-Books (And Self-pub vs Trad-pub)

  • Via The Telegraph : Jonathan Frazen says Ebooks are damaging society. I don’t think he really says that, but he does point out the permanence of a simple paperback book, and something all of us into digital products of all types should be aware of – changing formats and reading devices over time. Remember beta video, or floppy disks?
  • The self-epublishing bubble | Ewan Morrison | Books | – although JA Konrath might well dispute this, the article is a must-read for those like me approaching publishing. There are many points that make sense, including considerations like price-points, personal expectations of being published in both trad or the self-pub industries, and considering what we might get out of such a quick-change world. As Ewan Morrison finishes with – “it’s all speculation”.
  • Franzen and the Ebook BubbleJA Konrath talks about both of the above articles.
  • Twitter took to the articles – two examples out of many : Jason Pinter (@jasonpinter) I bet Jonathan Franzen doesn’t hate royalties he accrues from ebook sales; Pete Cashmore (@mashable) Jonathan Franzen Is Wrong: eBooks Are Good for Everyone, by @LanceUlanoff –
  • No More Ebooks Vs Print Books Arguments, OK? – Jonathan Segura points out that it’s not an either/or situation. 
  • Self-Publishing Takeaway GameLilith Saintcrow talks simple sense, royalty statements and choosing the publishing platform to suit.  Read this. 

Question of the Week

I’m just wondering if this is a female writer thing The Three-Goddesses Chat: Book Collages, or do male writers make book collages (collections, files of images, databases) too?

Extra question – is something like Pinterest more accessible nowadays for those wanting to gather inspiration?

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